Online Christian College Education

My name is Rajesh Khadka and I am receiving online Christian college education for free at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from the mountainous country of Nepal situated in South Asia between India and China. I am 24 years old. I completed my MBA recently from one of the colleges in Kathmandu. I am currently working in United Mission To Nepal for the earthquake victims with multiple integrated project components. I am designated as Finance Assistant. I was baptized in the year 2007 by my Pastor. Currently, I am a member of Asim Church which is a part of Asim Ministry. I am also serving as Youth Leader and worship leader. I am also the coordinator of Asim Ministry.

To recall my childhood, I grew up in a slum area of Kathmandu with not much money or possessions. My family had to struggle a lot financially. It was a difficult time for my family. Through God’s grace, I had some good people around me who were willing to sponsor my education. With their help, I was able to enroll in a good school and this made me prosper in the knowledge of God. I was slowly going through my grades.

Then the greatest tragedy happened when my father passed away when I was 12. This made me broken from within and the whole family was torn apart. Six months after the death of my father, my mom left me. Then, God sent my sister as my guardian and she raised me after those years. I stayed with her until my high school. She helped me a lot to make me the person that I am today.

My church pastors and leaders were also helping me through my tough times. I graduated from my high school with good marks and then got admitted to a university for my bachelor’s degree. During this time, I was working as Admin & Finance Officer in Space Overseas Pvt Ltd. I was also focusing on God’s Kingdom during this time. I was working with youth and Sunday School teaching. I sometimes led the worship at the Saturday service in my church.

Asim ministry consists of 12 different churches. One of the churches is in Bhaktapur district and the rest of the churches are in Dolakha district. Dolakha district is a mountainous district and consists of the rural areas. The ministry works through these churches and helps these churches to spread the Gospel of God to these places. The people are deeply rooted in their customs, traditional norms, and values. Most of the people follow Hinduism as their religion and are heavily influenced by their religion. The Christians are having a difficult time in preaching the Gospel of God in these places. Recently, seven Christians were arrested for preaching the Gospel of God. They were put in jail for more than a week and later released. Such are the conditions where my ministry reaches.

Despite all the difficulties, we are happy to reach out to the people with the message of God and give them the gifts of God with Bibles, templates, and other various materials. Being a coordinator of the ministry, I am responsible for getting together different events and setting out various strategies for reaching out to more people. I try to make several contacts within or outside of the organization for the betterment of the people and the ministry.

The recent earthquake in Nepal severely damaged the churches in the ministry. Eleven out of the 12 churches were completely collapsed and the believers had to attend fellowship under a tarp. This caused the ministry financial difficulty. The ministry had to go through a restoration process of these churches and this was possible through several helping hands and prayer. The restoration process is not still completed, but I am very sure that God has a plan for the restoration of these churches. I am optimistic about the direction where this ministry is heading.

My main aim in life is to serve the Kingdom of God. I want to reach the maximum number of people with the message of God. I want to tell them that there is hope even during the darkest of days and that the only hope in life is Jesus Christ. Through Christian Leaders Institute, I want to develop the insight and knowledge of biblical perspectives for reaching out to the people. I want to learn how to be an effective leader and how to be an example as I lead my youth, the church, and the ministry. I want to understand the will of God in my life through the study of the courses at CLI in this online Christian college education.

Thank you all for having such a wonderful concept of providing online Christian college education and required certificates. This will provide a wonderful opportunity for people like me who cannot afford the fees to attend a college. I am able to acquire God’s knowledge and wisdom from the place where I am now through CLI.

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Sudas Sharma –

“My Name is Sudas Sharma of Nepal. I am 45 years old. I have one wife (Leela) and 2 children (Priti and Samarpan). My daughter Priti finished senior high school in June 2012. My son Samarpan will be finishing senior high school in June this year. My wife is a house wife. I work in an inter-governmental organization as a knowledge management professional. I was born in a Hindu Brahmin family. My parents are still Hindu. My father is a Hindu priest.

I heard about Jesus for the first time at the age of 16 through a nursing student. She had come to our school to teach about health and hygiene as part of her field work. She secretly gave us small booklets to read. I read one of these booklets several times. The rest of my class mates threw them in the dustbin. I myself was a trainee Hindu priest, had studied Hindu theology, and was helping my father in his rituals and other Hindu practices. I found the content of the booklet interesting. It talked about another God that I had never heard of before. I was curious to know more about the God and Jesus mentioned in the booklet.

I decided to go to the place called ‘Church.’  I followed the address given in the booklet. Later, i was invited by one of my new friends to go to Christian Students camp where i learned more and understood the truth. I was introduced to the Way, the Truth and the Life. I sincerely prayed and asked myself, “is everything I am practicing as a Hindu priest meaningless?” I suddenly realized that all the idols that everyone in my house worshiped every morning and evening are worthless. They were nothing but stone, copper, and brass. I invited Jesus in my life as my personal Savior, and He came into my life in 1989.”Sudas Sharma

Sudas Sharma’s Vision

“My vision is to be an effective Soldier of Christ. I have never taken formal training related to His ministry. I want to be equipped with new knowledge and skills so that I can be an effective servant of Christ. My goal is to be able to lead the new generation to Christ. Leading the new generation to Christ is a big challenge in a materialistic world. I want to learn different skills to be able to teach better, evangelize better, and become an useful servant of Christ.

“Taking the course from Christian Leader Institute will help me to achieve my goal to become an equipped soldier of Christ. I will have opportunities to learn and grow in His words and teach others. I look forward to kind support, guidance, and prayers from you as I achieve my ministry goal.”

Thank you.
In His service,
Sudas Sharma”

Sudas Sharma completed his Christian basics certificate. He is now moving on to complete other courses with Christian Leaders Institute.  You can help Sudas Sharma fulfill his vision by making a donation to Christian Leaders Institute!