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Christian Leaders Institute is a leading ministry training school that offers free ministry training course.

What is ministry? The word “ministry” comes from the Greek word, Diakonos, which means, “deacon.”  The word deacon means, minister, servant. The heart of a minister embodies the heart of a servant.

Christian Leaders Institute has enrolled over a quarter of a million people who started ministry training. These leaders felt the calling to study ministry!

Are you interest to study ministry? There are over 90 courses to pick from! You can receive free ministry credentials. You can pursue ordination or apply the course for a low administration cost college degree.

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ministry leadership and Bible courses

Ministry Leadership and Bible Courses

My name is Michael Angelo Jimeno, and I’m from the Philippines. Wanting a firm foundation in Christ for my life, marriage, family, and church, I study at the Christian Leaders Institute with its tuition-free ministry, leadership, and Bible…
ministry course options

Ministry Course Options

Hello! My name is Ashley Penrod. I am blessed with one son (so far) and a fantastic husband. We live on the small family farm I grew up on in eastern Iowa. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute. The ministry course options at CLI…
Women's Ministry Program

Women's Ministry Program

My name is Wendy, and I live in New Jersey, United States of America. I am studying for credentials in the Women's Ministry Program at the Christian Leaders Institute. For the past 22 years, I have worked with special needs children and plan…
Knowledge of the Bible and Ministry

Knowledge of the Bible and Ministry

My Story from an Aerial View My name is Scott Bates, and I live in Fredericktown, MO. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Historic Preservation from Southeast Missouri State University. As a student at the Christian Leaders Institute, I can continue…
How to become an officiant
Occupy Heaven Pacific Northwest
More Bible Knowledge and training

More Bible Knowledge and Training

My name is Jessica Rodgers. I am from Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. I have a high school education and was in special education throughout my school years. Now, I enjoy being a student at the Christian Leaders Institute. God wanted me to find something…
Study to be a small group leader

Study to Be a Small Group Leader

Hello, my name is Diomedes Sambas. Born in the Philippines, I now live in Surrey, B.C., Canada. I am married to my wife of 25 years. The Lord has blessed us with a son who is now 18 years old. I heard about the Christian Leaders Institute in…
called to minister to children and youth

Called to Minister to Children and Youth

I am Ryan Wilson. Trista, my wife of thirteen years, and I live in Tennessee. I work in the manufacturing sector. Trista and I have six children, and she is pregnant with our 7th child, due in June. My hobbies include gardening and cooking.…
Chaplain in Hospice

Chaplain in Hospice

I am Brenda Gonzales from Emmetsburg, Iowa, USA. A student at the Christian Leaders Institute, I am studying to be a chaplain in a hospital and hospice setting. I love the Christian Leaders Institute, and I am learning so much there. My Story I…
tuition free classes for ministry

Tuition Free Classes for Ministry

Tuition-Free Classes for Ministry at CLI My name is Earnest Heard Jr., and I am from the United States of America. I’m a father of three and happily married to my dear wife. Furthermore, I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute.…
calling to a life in ministry

Calling to a Life in Ministry

Following God's Lead Hey, you all! I'm Jess, a wife and mother of two wonderful children. With a calling to a life in ministry, I found the Christian Leaders Institute, with tuition-free ministry and Bible courses. I grew up deep in the…
Free ministry and Bible training

Free Ministry and Bible Training

Hello. My name is Gerald Booker. I live in Wyoming, United States, and am a Christian Leaders Institute student. The free ministry and Bible training at CLI equip me to serve wherever God leads. Life My Way My home growing up was not a Christian…
Christian leadership and ministry training

Christian Leadership and Ministry Training

My name is Imelda Huliganga. I am from the northern part of the Philippines, known as Bauang La Union. I now live in Canada with my husband and family. As a student at the Christian Leaders Institute, I am taking tuition-free Christian leadership…