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Christian Leaders Institute is a leading ministry training school that offers free ministry training course.

What is ministry? The word “ministry” comes from the Greek word, Diakonos, which means, “deacon.”  The word deacon means, minister, servant. The heart of a minister embodies the heart of a servant.

Christian Leaders Institute has enrolled over a quarter of a million people who started ministry training. These leaders felt the calling to study ministry!

Are you interest to study ministry? There are over 90 courses to pick from! You can receive free ministry credentials. You can pursue ordination or apply the course for a low administration cost college degree.

Read Stories and Testimonies

Minister Calling and training

Minister Calling and Training

God Makes The Plan Praise God that I found my dream path and minister calling and training at the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). Hello, I am Fiteau Jardinier. Here is my spiritual journey leading up to my minister calling and the opportunity…
Training for marriage ministry

Training for Marriage Ministry

My Story My name is Shannon Hayes, and I am from the United States of America. Called to minister to marriages, I searched online and found the Christian Leaders Institute for marriage ministry training. Married to a non-believer for 25…
theology and ministry classes

Theology and Ministry Classes

From a Troubled Life to a Calling to Serve My name is Richard Fennell. When searching for theology and ministry classes online, God led me to the Christian Leaders Institute. My Journey: Early Years I grew up in Western New York State. I…
Called to the Chaplain program

Called to the Chaplain Program

Ministry Profile 2023 My name is Linda Kotara, and I live in Texas. I have been married for 37 years to my incredible husband, Robert. We have two grown sons. Following our parents' footsteps, we raised our children in the Catholic Church.…
Study to Become a pastor

Study to Become a Pastor

I am Carmelo Prieto Jr., of the USA. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to study to become a pastor. My Journey Growing up, I attended church in San Antonio, Texas. It was a small Mexican family-led church called El Divino Salvador.…
more training in ministry

More Training in Ministry

My name is Frances Andersen from beautiful Southern Oregon. Looking for more training in ministry, a friend told me about the Christian Leaders Institute. Now, I study at CLI to prepare for whatever ministry God leads me to do. My Journey As…
ministry courses and biblical knowledge

Ministry Courses and Biblical Knowledge

Journey of Faith: From Engineering and Law to Ministry Greetings, dear readers! My name is Daniel Jeffrey Gonzales from the Philippines. I am thrilled to share my life's journey with you. The ministry courses and biblical knowledge taught at…
Theological studies online

Theological Studies Online

My Life With and In Christ My name is Lodesca Livingston. Looking for theological studies online, I found the Christian Leaders Institute. The courses at CLI will equip me for my calling from God to ministry. I live on a tiny island in the…
formal biblical ministry training

Formal Biblical Ministry Training

Serving My Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ My name is Zechariah Kasina. I live in India and have a deep desire to learn God's word more intimately as I serve the Lord Jesus. Looking for formal biblical ministry training for the ministry, I found…
free biblical ministry courses

Free Biblical Ministry Courses

I am Naledi Kepadisa from South Africa. The free biblical ministry courses online at the Christian Leaders Institute are just what I need. My Story I am a born-again Christian, devoted to Christ since childhood. I am a divorcee and the mother…
Studying for ministry

Studying for Ministry

I am William Boehm from South Dakota, USA. My testimony is somewhat like the story of Jonah. However, I’ve stayed in the whale’s belly for some time! These years happened so that my many life experiences would lead me to a place of specialized…
biblical Christian courses

Biblical Christian Courses

Christian Leaders Institute (Ministry School) Hey! I'm Amanda Lynn Crouch. The free biblical Christian courses and ministry classes are equipping me to serve better in my home, church, and wherever else God leads. My Story I'm from a small…
Free Biblical Education

Free Biblical Education

Greetings, my name is Jason Swallow, and this is my spiritual journey. The free biblical education at the Christian Leaders Institute is preparing me for whatever the Lord leads me to do. The Long Journey to Realize My Calling I grew up and…
ordained minister credentials

Ordained Minister Credentials

Answering The Call My name is Mark Knaak and I live in San Carlos, Sonora. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to get my ordained minister credential. My Journey I grew up in Southern California. My parents, two sisters, and…
Deeper Bible Knowledge

Deeper Bible Knowledge

Journey and Calling Experience I am Ivelisse McBride from the United States of America. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute for deeper Bible knowledge and to discern my true calling. My Early Years From the age of 9, my upbringing…