Youth Ministry Canada: Keith MillershipYouth Ministry in Canada takes on youth substance abuse. An online Rehab Advice Center reported that drug usage tends to start around the mid teen years.  Pastor Keith Millership talks about his pasion for reaching these lost souls in his Youth Ministry for Canada.

A Man of God is Mobilized for Youth Ministry

“My name is Pastor Keith D Millership, I live in Ontario, Canada I am from this country and have live here my whole life. I work in ministry in this country doing outreach to people who are homeless, and also people with addictions, I focus on the youth that live in this country for it is them that is first to get into addiction and they carry it out for their whole lives if know one helps them. We use the teachings of Jesus Christ in the bible to help us work with these people, by setting up treatment programs for them.”

Keith goes onto share about his powerful story that brought him into Youth Ministry in Canada

“I became born again when I was 20 years old, I had a son , and his mother walked out on us both and I was drinknig a lot, my friend was taking me to church, and GOD talked to me, told me that he had work for me to do and I need to change my ways, GOD showed me who I was and what I did and what I can do with my life.”

Keith’s Ministry Dream was born from his emptiness and struggle. He speaks about his empathy for fellow Canadian youth that led him to pursue a Youth Ministry in Canada.

“My ministry dreams is what they have always been to reach out to people, to help people find GOD just like I did in my life. Before I had Christ I had nothing, now I may not have much but I am rich in Christ. So my biggest dreams are to just keep following and teaching the word of GOD.”

He goes on to talk about how a scholarship will equip him to be effective in his Youth Ministry in Canada.

“If I got CLI Scholarship it would help me in getting more knowledge of to help me in my dreams, to help me show people what they should know about Christ. Jesus died for us all and I want to do my best to let people know about that, so if i got it I would use it to help me in my works.”

Finally he talks about the best way to pray for him in his Youth Ministry in Canada.

“I think you can pray for me best for praying for my family it is not always easy for them as well it is not always easy for anyone, and pray for the people I talk to, but still pray for me in my works. “

Keith is on his way to being trained for Youth Ministry in Canada free of charge by the generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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