Mission South Africa: Rev. Jacob Keele

Mission South Africa: South Africa student Rev. Thabo Keele ministers in a land where Christianity is the majority faith. In fact, mission South Africa is helped by the fact that the constitution of South Africa allows for the freedom of religion.

Mission South Africa is not easy. Rev. Keele writes, “This area was recently attacked by the satanic spirits. This attacks were challenges to the Body of Christ, which is the church. It is now difficult to preach the salvation gospel in this area. Some Church tents were burned to ashes and born again Christians were intimidated. This spiritual attack occurred after some key local pastors preached and performed miracles by healing people and driving out demons. Some in the community accused the born again Christian churches and their pastors of performing miracles using satanic powers.”

“This area is left with many people who don’t want to listen to the gospel that says Jesus is the Savior. My mission south Africa is now a big challenge to me to pursue Evangelism. I am on daily basis proclaiming the love of God and the power of Salvation, so that my area can be a better place once again.”

Mission South Africa: Movement of God

South Africa has been a place where Christianity is planted. Yet it has also been a place where Apartheid political policies separated races. In this backdrop, Rev Thabo Keele was born again. He writes,  “I was born again in 1988 at Student Christian Movement camp, I received a pastoral calling between 1992 and 1993.”

Rev. Keele grew in his walk quickly. Soon he received a calling to ministry. “I received a calling of preaching the word through visions” God laid on his hear to “go and spread His word to the Nations.  I established a church in Boipatong, Vanderbijlpark which was called HIGH PRAISE COVENANT.

“We are currently preaching gospel on the streets, since we do not have a place for worship. We were expelled from the public schools. My gift is a prophetic one. My dream is to make God known through Jesus Christ. “

Mission South Africa is challenging for many reasons. South Africa has been stricken by the effects of HIV spread.  Both men and woman are affected and hope and despair is common. Another mission Rev. Keel is called to called to pursue to “heal and unite the broken families and to destroy the usage of drugs in the community by the young people.” South African Youth are slow to avoid practices that bring on HIV. Click here.   Rev. Keele also leads in alleviating poverty by helping to find ways to feed people in sustainable ways.

Mission South Africa: Importance of Ministry Training

Even though Rev. Keele is ordained he has never received needed ministry training. He writes, “with the scholarship which I will receive from CHRISTIAN LEADERS INSTITUTE I will be equipped through the online study. I am currently pastoring without a formal Theological education.”

Like many tens of thousands others in our world, Ministry training was not possible. “I could not attend any theological school to enables me to study for a theological diploma.  We are stricken by severe poverty in my family.  I have 5 children and I am married to one wife. With the money I earn from one of the factories here, I can only manage to provide food, clothes and rent for our shelter since we don’t have our own house.

I’m looking forward to completing my studies and achieving my theological diploma through CLI. I know once I can study my spiritual and ministry life will be equipped so I am able to preach the gospel in a good manner and equip the saints.

Christian Leaders Institute congratulates Rev. Thabo Koole for receiving his Certificate of Christian Basics. He now proceeds for further study at Christian Leaders Institute.

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