Youth Ministry Casey Biederman.

Youth Ministry: God is raising up local missionaries for mission America.  Casey Biederman has finished her Christian Basics Certificate and now she is continuing her studies for more advance training at Christian Leaders Institute.

Youth Ministry is Her Next Step

Casey writes,

“I live in the United States, I want to reach out to the youth.  Our future is in the children, I want to share my testimony with youth to let them know that everyone struggles and makes bad choices, but there is redemption in God’s glorious name.”

Before youth ministry captivated Casey’s passion, she needed to be reached for Christ. Casey tells her story.

“I moved into a duplex and getting to know my neighbor we would go out fishing, he would mention God and Jesus from time to time but I didn’t think or know anything about them at the time.  He had invited me to his church.  Hesitant to go he and a friend of his bribed me into going and that day the Holy Spirit over took me.  I was praying in tongues and had no idea what had happened.  Since that moment there was a change.  I’ve held onto that relationship since the start.”

After that powerful beginning, youth ministry was placed on her heart. “I feel that I am being lead to be a worship leader for youth, to instruct them on how to worship, introduce new music and break the “stereotype” of a Christian.”

Casey and all those in youth ministry face many challenges in bringing the youth to Christ. George Barna states that “the research uncovered six significant themes why nearly three out of every five young Christians (59%) disconnect either permanently or for an extended period of time from church life after age 15.” Chick here for the story.   Youth ministry needs trained leaders like Casey to carry the torch for Christ.

Casey’s vision goes even further then working in youth ministry, she says, “I also want to preach full time, specially traveling and sharing the good news to those that don’t have God’s word at an easy access of availability.”

When asked what a scholarship means to Casey, Casey writes, “A scholarship would benefit me in learning the skills and background of a “born and raised Christian.”  I have the life experience and relationship but am lacking the Biblical theology and back ground of being raised in church. I can connect Biblical stories and scripture with current life situations.”

Cassey is on her way to being trained free of charge by the generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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