Mission Philippines: What is it going to take to reach the Philippines for Christ? The first missionaries were sent by the Catholic Church holding their first service on Easter Sunday March 31, 1521. Eight-five percent of the country has a Catholic heritage.  In recent times, other evangelical ministries have opened in the Philippines from various denominations such as Baptist, Pentecostal and Christian Reformed.   Ministries such as Bible League have taken mission Philippines seriously.

The Efforts of these ministries and many missionaries has resulted in yielding  a new generation of leaders who need advance training. Mission Philippines needs thousands of new leaders who have advanced training.

Meet Loren Angeli Estavillo who just finished her Christian Basics Certificate. This next generation Philippino Christian leader claims,

“I know God intricately designed every fiber of my being and carefully planned out all the details of my life story, even before I came into existence 22 years ago. With that in mind, I couldn’t thank Him enough for greatly blessing me to live in the Philippines where it’s free to bask in His glory through the Christian ministry.”

Mission Philippines: Loren Angeli Estavillo

Loren did not always have it so easy…

“In my growing up years, I was accustomed of going to church with my family as a form of a weekly habit. Back then, I had no sense of what it truly means to be a Christian. But everything changed since the moment I came to know Christ. I was spiritually reborn during one of my lowest moments. I never felt so alone and helpless back then due to the fact that my parents decided to separate ways.”

Mission Philippines: God heals the broken heart

“Their estrangement negatively affected my outlook in life. I became emotionally drained and spiritually crushed as an aftermath. It seems to me that I’ve no one to turn to. Yet suddenly, I felt the love of God consuming me in a heartbeat. I was in complete awe of His glorious presence overcoming me. I didn’t have the strength to control the burst of emotions rushing through me. I tried holding it back but my tears just kept falling. I cried hard and traded all my deep-seated setbacks. I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I couldn’t put into words how God transformed me into the person I am today.”

Loren was being prepared for ministry. Loren was being called to mission Philippines.

She writes, “God never gave up on me despite my weaknesses and failings. He never let me go. Because of that, I began my spiritual walk with Him. I started anew by reflecting and meditating on His Word deeper than before. I engaged myself in a church where I grew stronger spiritually by means of associating with my new found spiritual family.As I continue my walk with Him, He began to let me see the world through His eyes. He unveiled a deep surge of calling in ministry service that I couldn’t resist. I know that whatever plan He has in store for me will work out for good. So I yielded to His voice wholeheartedly and trusted Him to light my path wherever He may lead me.”

Christian Leaders Institute trains is training a new generation of leaders for mission Philippines. These Leaders are getting advanced training.

“I’m driven to help people create a genuine and lasting relationship with our Lord, to delve deeper into the Word of Truth by it’s spread across the nation, and to build a strong foundation of fellowship with God and other sharers of faith as well. I’m aware that being in the ministry requires full dedication, effort, and great amount of time – of which I’m very much willing to commit. And having a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will be of great assistance for me in reaching my ministry goals of serving others under God’s authority. I appreciate your prayers as I turn my ministry dreams into reality. I strongly believe that the Lord God Almighty, the Author and Perfecter of my faith, will be with me as I step into this new chapter of my life story. To God be the glory! :)”

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