Urban Ministry

An urban ministry has reached Alexander Mitchell Hixon, a CLI graduate, and in return he wants to start an urban ministry for the homeless.

My name is Alexander Mitchell Hixon. I’m a volunteer with my church’s urban ministry in Denver, Colorado, USA.

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church for all of my childhood. Even though I grew up in the church, I stepped away for a couple of years due to perceived hypocrisy. I truly accepted Christ in August of 2012 after being led to Movement 5280, an urban ministry for the homeless. God opened my eyes and guided me back to his unfailing love. As a result of God bringing me back to church and walking by my side, I have decided that I want to further the kingdom more.

My prayer is to start a church for the homeless here in Denver and tell everyone the Good News. God has given me the gift of talking to everyone about Him and who He is. As a result, I see myself as an urban minister. A lot of my prayers and my calling is coming from my volunteer work I do every week with the homeless.

An enormous challenge that I face with spreading the word is working with alcohol and drug users. These are men and women who need God the most but are kicked around so much that they fear anything to do with God or people. My pastor and a fellow volunteer are standing by my side with my goal of becoming a pastor.

CLI is giving Alexander the training for his urban ministry and calling.

A scholarship for CLI would be a major help and blessing to me. I’m 25 and jobless; I’m working on getting on disability due to the fact I have some physical and mental disorders. Those hurdles don’t stop me from talking about God even though they prevent me from working a quote “nine to five” job. My prayer is for God’s guidance and mercy in this endeavor and to bless the people I interact with on a weekly basis.

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