Online Bible Studies

Online Bible Studies

Online Bible studies may be your only option to get the ministry training you need. We have found that true for thousands of students who have enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute. Can you imagine a life where you were threatened to be killed by your Marine husband? If you don’t leave you risk possibly being killed. Through it all God never left you. Instead he called you for ministry. Now you want to get ministry training and you search the web. You find that Christian Leaders Institute offers online Bible studies free of charge. You sign up.


Read the spiritual journey of CLI Graduate Cathleen Barrow and why she liked the online bible studies option at Christian Leaders Institute.

My name is Cathleen Barrows, I am 30 years old and currently reside in Hollister, CA U.S.A. Ministry in many parts of the United States is difficult. Much of the teaching has pushed many people away from Christianity. Many people here think Christians are hypocrites or have heard religious preaching which lead them wrongly. As I continue to spread the gospel of grace I can see the people I minister to are often open to what I am saying. I leave them with things to think about and many times they contact me with more questions.

I was raised, attending church, by very devout Christian parents. As they began to face troubles in their marriage they sought counseling with our pastor. He told them to get divorced. He didn’t speak the word over their marriage and teach them. As our family fell apart so did my faith. I began to backslide and refused to go to church. I married a Marine and moved away with him. My husband was a non-believer and as he struggled with severe PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), he repeatedly tried to kill me. I had to make a choice to leave or risk being killed… I decided to leave and never look back.

I began to battle PTSD from the trauma of being attacked daily. I spiraled downward filled with anger and became void of all other emotions. I became suicidal and with three years of struggling through the pain inside my head I was ready to give up. I decided I couldn’t take another day but something urged me to turn on the TV. A Pastor was speaking on the grace of God and Jesus Christ’s finished works. God began to speak to me while I was watching. Jesus told me I am healed I just needed to trust and believe Him.

Cathleen did not just become a new Christian. Instead she devoted her life to Christ. Her need for online Bible studies was being kindled as the Holy Spirit brought her healing.

I devoted my life to the Lord and gave all my pain to Jesus. He began to heal my PTSD. My anger ceased and I started to see the beauty of the world instead of living in complete fear. God saved me once again. I started sharing what I was learning every day from reading the Bible and attending church. I started to notice a change in my life and in everyone in my life. Friends came to know the Lord just by watching the difference in me and wanting that “Jesus Peace”.

I believe touching a young person’s life and bringing them to the Lord is extremely important. Knowing the Lord will help them avoid living a sinful life and the pain that comes along with it. The youth of our present world are searching for something. They turn to drugs, alcohol, or immoral acts which heads them down the wrong path. We can reach them and share the good news of Jesus Christ. I assist with the youth ministries at my local church. As I progress, learning through Christian Leaders Institute, I am learning  how to relate to youth and counsel them.

Christian Leaders Institute offers the world free online Bible studies as an option. We don’t offer a fee option that is common with many online courses. In a free model, all the funds needed to run the school are contributed as donations by those called to support CLI. This support has come from Foundations, Individuals, Churches and Students of CLI. This model of ministry training mirrors the New Testament. It is also the model that local churches use in providing worship services. In a church, you give as the Lord enables you or compels you to give. For Cathleen, this free model of ministry training is what she needed to pursue online Bible studies at CLI.

A scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute is important for my call to ministry. In my current situation money is scarce. Though I believe my situation will change, right now, I continue on the path God leads me. Having a free way to learn and grow in the word of God makes this online Bible studies option is a blessing.

Remember me in your prayers that God will show me the path He has for me and open doors where I can make the largest impact in my community. As I continue learning, allow me to be a blessing to others as I share the knowledge I learn through CLI with others.

If you are called to begin online Bible studies, we invite you to simply fill out an application and start immediately. Check out our Facebook page to read how students have recommended these free online Bible studies that will give you the ministry training you will need.

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  1. Sung Kim
    Sung Kim says:

    Sister Cathleen,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry you had to go through so much and so many harrowing ordeals. I pray that your PTSD is better now. I’m so glad you’re studying at CLI. I hope it benefits you and serves you well. If there’s ever anything I can do for you, please let me know. In the meantime, I will keep you in my prayers.

    In His Grip,
    Pastor Sung Kim
    Cornerstone Community Church
    Redding, CA

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