Ministry Training Education

Ministry Training Education

My name is Stenio Joseph and I am receiving ministry training education at Christian Leaders Institute. I reside in Palm Beach County, FL. I am married and blessed with four sons. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 2007, then months later in that same year my wife and I got baptized together in Palm Beach County at my wife’s father’s church (The New Generation Christian Church). Currently, I still attend and serve at The New Generation Christian Church as the president of the church committee.

I am looking forward to learning and gaining knowledge about the Bible and ministry training education at Christian Leaders Institute. I want to be able to have the tools and resources to help others in ministry, to reach out to the community, and to work for the Kingdom of God. I love ministry with all my heart and I love to counsel others. That is why I believe CLI will help me to be more effective spiritually.

After we got baptized, my wife and I left her father’s church and served at another ministry for about 5 years. My wife was working in the children’s department and I was like a counselor for the pastor, an armor bearer, his right hand. But then the ministry began to go upside down, and our spiritual life began to be affected. We couldn’t pray, and our marriage was going down the drain. Would I rather stay in a ministry where the leaders and members began to be sinful and wicked, or should I obey the Lord and go where he sends my family and me? The longer I stayed, I became spiritually blind and deaf, but I had a praying wife. When God removed the spiritual blindness from my eyes, I realized that my soul and the souls of my family were in danger. So my wife and I notified the pastor and elders that we were leaving.

We then spent weeks praying and asking the Lord for direction and a home church for our family. After praying and fasting, the Lord showed us my wife’s father’s church was where we should go. Now that my wife and I are working in the ministry, I don’t want anything like that to happen again. This time, I want to get a better and deeper understanding of ministry and a deeper walk with God. I want to receive ministry training education and knowledge. I thank God for my friend who forwarded me information about Christian Leaders Institute. It is high-quality and affordable. What a blessing!

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