Revival Minister Training

Revival Minister Training

My name is Robert R. Bossio Jr. and I am receiving revival minister training at Christian Leaders Institute. I’m from Pittsburgh, Pa. I’m a retired, disabled, USAF, Security Forces Veteran/Law Enforcement Officer. I grew up in our family church, Christian Assembly in Arnold, Pennsylvania, where my Uncle was my minister all through my childhood and after I graduated high school. He was in my opinion, the godliest man I knew. My Grandfather on my father’s side, started our church when he came here from Italy in the early 1900’s. My mother’s father also had his own ministry. All through my childhood and early teens, my aunts, who were the elders of our church, had many talks with me on the subject that God was calling me to be a minister and that I was to listen to Him and to the voice of The Holy Spirit closely and not waste time. I was told many times to obey the voice of God.

Reflecting back to when I was 5 years old, I had a very unique childhood and a close relationship with God. I was standing in my yard one day and I looked up into the sky and asked God, “God, who are you and where did you come from?” I asked Him if He was ever born and who His Mommy was. I then closed my eyes and felt myself being lifted up from the earth and I was allowed to enter into the sky and I felt this huge presence overcome me (and I still feel it still to this day). This huge, calm voice, as if it were the sound of mighty rushing waters, said to me, “Robby, I am God. I always Was, Am, and always Will Be. I never was born. I always was. I have no Mommy.” I remember this as if it were just yesterday. From that day on, I knew who God is and my relationship and walk started that very day with Him.

I was saved at an early age and I was baptized when I was in high school. I received the gift from The Holy Spirit of speaking in tongues at an early age. Throughout the years, I was involved in many services in our church and other churches. I sang with my mother and sisters in our music ministry and I also play guitar and drums. I took God’s Word with me and shared it with so many all over the world. I want to work along with my Pastor at our church and have my own ministry too. I want to bring Jesus’ healing to the sick and give food, water, and shelter to the starving and homeless. I have been involved in rescuing homeless animals too.

The area I live in definitely needs revival and outdoor camp meetings to come back. I have been involved in revivals and I absolutely love them. I want to raise up and bring them back to our community and see an outpouring of the Holy Ghost on people. These classes at Christian Leaders Institute will help me receive revival minister training and reach my spiritual dream and my goals for God’s work. I can go on to study more of your programs and get the proper training I need to become a minister. I want to become ordained someday. Thank you for allowing me to take this free Getting Started Course. God bless all of you. Let’s win souls for Christ! Amen.

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