Ministry Training Dream Come True

Ministry Training Dream Come True

I am Ramesh and Christian Leaders Institute is a ministry training dream come true for me. I am from the western part of my beautiful Island-country Srilanka. I am the second of four boys in my family. I serve the Lord as the program coordinator and studio technician at a Christian radio station in my country. I come from a Hindu background, where my parents were devoted Hindus serving idols. My parents came to Christ when I was about five years old, and my whole family tasted His amazing grace.

I had the dream to serve the Lord since I was a kid. I was in the Sunday school and loved the people who dedicated their lives for the sake of the kingdom of God. I grew up as a Christian boy and became a book lover and a lover of education. I had limited chances of education. Anyhow, I ended up becoming a teacher for English language and literature.

I was still hearing the voice of the Lord calling me to His ministry. I was already engaging in ministry in various ways. Two years ago, I decided to leave everything and come to full-time ministry. My ministry dream is to become an evangelist and an apologetic for the kingdom of the Lord because evangelism and apologetics are my focus. The lives of the godly ministers of God encourage me to serve Him more and more. In Srilanka, you see people who are enslaved to customs and traditional religions. Most of the time, Christians are opposed and oppressed.
My church is Sanctuary Fellowship Church and the pastor is my mentor. He challenges me always to do something for the Lord in my life.

I had the dream of study in a foreign Bible college. Moreover, many issues kept my dream to a halt. Recently, I wanted to know if I would be able to get enrolled in an online study at a foreign Bible college. I saw many and realized that I could never afford to study at those colleges. Finally, I came across Christian Leaders Institute on Youtube and wanted to know more about it. I could easily grasp the fact that this is the place that I had been looking for many weeks. Because it is a ministry training dream come true and it will make me a quality leader in Christ.

I thank God for this great opportunity at CLI. Studying at CLI has become a part of my life. I am addicted to answering the quiz questions and seeing results. The teachings are so accurate and God has started to change my life through them. I am daily blessed with these lessons. The CLI classes change me and teach me new things about God and living for Him. The scholarship that I would get at CLI will make my dream come true and remove most of the barriers I have to earning a quality education and training. Please pray for my radio ministry in Srilanka. May God bless You!

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