Children Ministry Dream

Children Ministry Dream

My name is Selina Woo and I have a children ministry dream. I am living in the United States and serving in the children ministry in my church at this time.

I came from Hong Kong which was a British colony but returned to Mainland China in 1997. My high school in Hong Kong was a Christian Girls’ school which was developed by an English missionary who followed God’s calling and devoted her life to Hong Kong. I knew God when I was very young. However, I did not become a Christian until I came to the United States for college. When I arrived in San Francisco to attend college, I was home sick and needed support emotionally and spiritually. Thus, my friend brought me to church and I became a Christian through this.

I know that my gift is children ministry. Children like to play with me and like to listen to me when I tell them Bible stories. Sometimes, in the middle of the class, I am prompted by the Holy Spirit to tell them about God’s Salvation, they are very receptive. I pray for my students constantly and hope that each one of them will receive Jesus as their personal Savior.

Since God wants to use me in children ministry, I am equipping myself in this area. I searched the internet and found out that Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) can help me to equip myself more fully for this work. The classes will equip me with the knowledge and training I am looking for.

I pray that all children in the world can have a chance to listen to the Gospel. And please pray that I have the wisdom to do everything in my daily life and have a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father. Thanks a lot!

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