Ministry Outreach Calling

Ministry Outreach Calling

I have a ministry outreach calling on my life. My growing up in the Southern Baptist church and having Christian parents gave me a great base. I received baptism at about 12 years of age in a revival meeting one evening. I thought being a Christian meant going to church on Sunday and occasionally reading the Bible.

Thirty-five years later, after living through many trials, many of them barely making it through, listening to sermons online is a big part of my day. I grew in knowledge and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I thought to myself that it has been in the Bible this whole time, but I never understood it. After becoming filled with the Holy Spirit, my appetite for Jesus and all things in the Bible grew exponentially. I want to follow Jesus’ example in everything He did. He said, “Love God, and treat others as you would want to be treated.” That may sound easy, but there is much more to it when you unpack it.

Ministry Outreach Calling and Training at CLI

Therefore, since Jesus told us to go and tell the whole world, my ministry outreach calling goal is to take the gospel to the workplace. I want to find people who may not have heard of Jesus and make sure they get the opportunity to partake in His grace. To me, the Old Testament is about obedience to God and the New Testament is about faith in Jesus Christ. I want to teach people what faith is and show people the Kingdom of God.

My wife and I live in Louisville, Kentucky and go to Southeast Christian Church. My wife is a wonderful Christian woman. We have two grown children we are very proud of. My work background is in being a Realtor and Home Builder. I have been self-employed my entire working career. Now, this free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute will equip me for my ministry outreach calling.

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