South Africa Ministry Journey

South Africa Ministry Journey

My name is David Mukendi Kande. I’m currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa but am originally from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This South Africa ministry journey to being a Christian leader has been both exciting and challenging at the same time. My serving and leading people since I was 15 years old have been the best times for me. I went through a tough time when I was attacked by my local church because people felt as though I wanted to start a church. It wasn’t even the case. I have a heart for the youth and gathered them for the purpose of preparing them for service to Christ.

Early Years

I met him for the first time when I was 12 years old. My childhood was rough and yet very spiritually ordained. My mom sold fat cake so I could go to school. I had a few friends from my classmates at school and one best friend. My schooling was at a Christian school from grades 4 – 6, then we relocated to come to South Africa. I joined the Youth Band at church in 2015, and that’s how I started serving at my local church. Already a churchgoer from a very young age, my relationship with the Lord was not as deep as it is now.

I was 13 years when I first came to know the Lord in 2004. However, I received baptism the following year in June 2005. Then, I finally started pursuing my relationship with the Lord in earnest. In 2007 after the death of a very good friend of mine, I spoke in tongues for the first time and that deepened my relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual DReam and Obstacles Faced

My spiritual dream is first to know God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ in the most intimate way. Second, I love serving people and seeing them grow into mighty women and men of God with great passion. Also, I would like to build a center that will take in the homeless and invest in them so they can become servants of the God that I believe in and serve.

In terms of obstacles, my age played a huge role as an obstacle, especially in my church community and society. It is generally very difficult for a young man with a calling to be accepted and given a platform to serve freely. Another obstacle was to abstain from sexual relationships before marriage while being young still not married and not in a relationship either. In this maturity journey, I’ve learned to differentiate between ministry love and romance to avoid some of my previous errors.

Growing on my South Africa Ministry Journey

Many events have happened in my life that humbled me. Once, I was falsely at church. During this time, I wanted nothing else but to defend myself. That’s when the Lord clearly said to me, “If you defend yourself, then you are doing my work and I will have nothing to do for you.” That realization humbled me and made me want God even more. For a time, I rebelled against God, because I struggled with my finances. When I returned to the Lord, I received an invitation to minister in a youth event. There God used me mightily in his power and ministration of the Word of God.

I grew closer to God when I lost my elder sister in December of 2018 while I was at church praying for her healing. After that, I had to rediscover God from point zero. Jesus Christ became real to me as my Savior when I was 21 years old when I discovered the message of grace. It made more sense to me why Jesus Christ came to die for me and reconcile me to the Father. That’s also when I understood my sonship in the kingdom.

Free Ministry Training at CLI

As I mentioned earlier on, I desire to one day lead a Christian Bible School. This desire is the very reason why I’m taking the free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I believe that you can not take people where you have never been. Therefore, with the knowledge I receive from CLI, I wish to impact and impart the same to others for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Financially things have not been easy for me, but I hunger to study theology. The credibility of the knowledge and qualification gain with CLI will also back me up when I’m presented before men. Therefore, it is necessary for this training to be free, and not just for me, but also for many others with the same hunger and no financial freedom to invest in such education. Thank you for this opportunity to tell my South Africa ministry journey to this free ministry training at CLI.

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