Ministry Dreams

Ministry Dreams

Read about the ministry dreams of Shawn O’Donnell and his wife. After a miraculous healing, they feel God calling them to minister.

My name is Shawn O’Donnell, and my wife and I have ministry dreams of service for the Lord. My spiritual journey has had its ups and downs like many others. I grew up mainly in Southern California. But after my parents moved to Maryland, they divorced when I was 14. I struggled with drugs, and when I was 17, I moved to Colorado to restart my life and to change some things I wanted to do differently. Unfortunately, I fell into the same routines. I struggled with alcohol and searching for women to fill my void, but it could not be filled by that.

At the age of 33, I found myself back in Southern California but wanted restoration for me and my family I ran away from. I moved back and met my wife. Now we have a daughter who is three years old. In December of 2016, my wife was diagnosed with Cancer (Stage 3) and had a very strong chemotherapy regimen. Through God’s grace, He restored her and healed her of cancer. The doctors were dumbfounded. When they removed her tumor, they found no cancer in it whatsoever. The cure for us was trust.

After that, we felt God calling us to ministry. I feel called to minister to broken men, and my wife feels called to minister to abuse victims of sex trafficking. We found Christian Leaders Institute when searching for free online ministry training to respond to our ministry dreams. We are eager to see where this training will take us and to see where God leads us to serve in His kingdom. Stay tuned for what God does next!

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