Free Bible School Course

Free Bible School Course

My name is Harold Frydman and I am taking a free Bible School Course at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in New York, NY. From the moment of my birth, I experienced loss. My mother passed during my birth. I was then placed in an orphanage run by the Greek Orthodox Church. That is where I spent the first three years of life. In 1960, I was adopted by a Jewish American immigrant couple who were survivors of the Holocaust. I was their only child. I was raised as a Jew, but religion was of no consequence in my family, it was done strictly for appearance. There was only one religion followed in our home, the religion of silence. Nobody spoke, nobody questioned. The problem was I had many, perhaps too many, questions of my own.

Life degenerated into constant chaos. I had no anchor, nothing to hold onto. I searched for meaning everywhere except where the focus needed to be. On myself. Instead, I developed a victim mentality, blaming everything and anyone for my tale of woe. Yes, even God did not escape my wrath. Nor did I escape my own self-denial and self-hatred. The feeling of loss was all I knew, and somebody was going to pay. Little did I understand it was my own spirit being denied and my soul being destroyed.

Then I hit bottom. I was bankrupt in every way possible. Financial, mental, physical, spiritual. I literally became nothing, in thought, word, and deed. I was homeless, alone, and scared. It was my greatest curse and my greatest blessing. For reasons I cannot explain, and no longer try to explain, God held me up through it all. He saved me countless times from destruction. He set me on a course that led me to Jesus Christ through the power of His love.

And here I am at Christian Leaders Institute taking a free Bible school course. There is, of course, much more to my testimony and I’m quite sure that one day I will tell my story in its completeness. Now is not that time. Now is the time to receive the blessings I’ve received and go forth in love with purpose and meaning. I am here and I am here to stay. I am thankful that I found the Christian Leaders Institute so I can learn and grow in the knowledge of God. God Bless.

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