Licensed Youth Minister

Licensed Youth Minister Dream

My name is Megan Qualls, and I have a licensed youth minister dream and call. I am from Odessa, Texas, United States of America. Being a Christian leader here is good and bad since sometimes am I met with interest and sometimes with resistance.

My childhood was decent, and my parents raised me in the church community. However, one day, my world fell apart when my dad left. His leaving led me to go down (what I did not realize at the time) a long and twisted path that would lead me away from my walk with Christ. I met the Lord the first time in my church. But then, I strayed away when I met my first husband.

My Licensed Youth Minister Dream

My spiritual dream changed from what it was a couple of years ago. Now, it is to be the best youth leader I can be. Having a fantastic youth group full of teenagers that love Jesus with everything they have is a big part of my dream.

My obstacles were similar to many others. These obstacles included people of the opposite sex, the temptation of drugs, trying to find the love I was missing from my dad in other people. It became apparent to me that I couldn’t do life on my own, and I especially needed Jesus.

Therefore, right before I married my second husband, I knew that I wanted to live life right with God at the center. When I became a parent and wanted my life to reflect Him so my children could see Him, that is when God became real to me.

Free Youth Ministry Training at CLI

I want to use my Christian Leaders Institute ministry training to become a licensed youth minister. Free training is necessary for me because where I live, the cost of living is high, and we are a one-income household at the moment. So, this free training allows me to do what I love and not have to worry about the extra costs involved. Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute!

Learn about ordination opportunities at the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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