Called and Trained

Called and Trained

My name is Michael Miller, and I am from Santa Barbara, CA. Here is the testimony of my spiritual journey to Christ and free ministry training at CLI. Now, I am being called and trained for God’s army.

I am the youngest child in my family. I come from a broken home where my parents did not mention Jesus. It was not until I left home and went through troubles that I realized that something was wrong with society. It was at this time at 27 years of age that I called out to Christ Jesus. Then I came to a place where I met my real family in Christ and was baptized into Jesus. I also attended the LA International Church of Christ.

Struggles and Growth

It has not been an entirely comfortable journey since then. I have had to overcome much damage caused to me by my abusive and neglectful parents and sibling. Also, in my struggles was my deep addiction to drugs and alcohol already from my childhood. I continue going through my character flaw issues even at the age of 56. However, I have put my trust in Jesus and believe that He will see me through to my journey home to Him as I am now.

Ministry Training at CLI: Called and Trained for God’s Army

I have come to the Christian Leaders Institute to deepen my understanding of scripture. Also, I want to have the training needed to be more effective in leading others to Christ. My dream has always been from a young age to be a person who would help other people to a better life. I found my calling as a disciple of Jesus, and I understand that this is the very purpose for which God created me. Furthermore, I know that God uses all the troubles and conditions of my life to help me relate to the people He sends to me.

I thank my God that I am here today and able to take these courses. I hope that I learn to be a better witness to those whom He puts in my life. Thank you, all at CLI, and may God bless our shared mission.


Learn about ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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