Licensed ministry chaplain calling

My name is George E. Alcorn, known as Eddie, from South Texas. With a licensed Ministry Chaplain calling, I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute.

My Story

Blessed with wonderful, nurturing, and loving parents, I am the youngest of three. I have two older sisters. We grew up in a military family. Therefore, I had the privilege of living in many places in the world. No matter where we were, my mother and father made sure we went to church and encouraged us to trust Jesus Christ. Thank you, Mama and Daddy!

After graduating high school, I went to work for the Federal government. After 21 years of service,  I retired as a Mechanical Engineer. Married for 37 years, and after retiring, the church leaders asked me to come on staff at our church. They wanted me to develop the building of a new facility. Therefore, I came on staff as Building Manager and Elder. Licensed and ordained as a minister in 2009 with True Vision Baptist Church, I also served as the Sunday School Superintendent for ten years. I continue teaching the young adult Sunday School classes.

Although I grew up in the church with believing parents and received baptism in my teens, it was in my late twenties that I felt God’s call strongly in my life. So, I needed a deeper understanding of God and wanted a meaningful, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, I began my journey searching the scriptures and in prayer.

Licensed Ministry Chaplain Calling

Then, on May 21, 2023, I had my own miracle healing from cancer and surgery that went horribly wrong. After the surgery, the doctors told me that I would not live past 48 hours. When I survived, the doctors couldn’t understand how I survived. BUT GOD! God had other plans for me!

I give this testimony not to boast that I am anything special because the Lord knows I’m a long way from perfection, as we all are. My hope is that this testimonial encourages others in their faith. When dark days come in life, we have hope from the Lord of better days coming! God is gracious and merciful. He saves, heals, and makes the broken whole!

In my search for God and through much studying, God led me to the Christian Leaders Institute. I have taken courses over the years off and on. Now, after facing death and seeing my family and other families suffer the fear of the death of a loved one, my heart is moved. I want to give hope and encouragement through the ministry of God’s presence. The Holy Spirit brings comfort and peace. God has pressed on my heart a licensed ministry chaplain calling. I am a few credits away from obtaining my Licensed Ministry Chaplain Award!

CLI has been a real blessing for me. I pray that others may receive blessings and hope from our Lord through CLI. My prayer for CLI is that God grants the staff health and strength to carry on with these free classes! May God continue to bless CLI with the funds from donations. God bless this Ministry so CLI may continue to train disciples of Christ around the world.

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