Ordination as a minister

Lost, But God Found Me

My name is Monee (moe-nay) Correll. Divorced, I live in North Carolina and have three adult children. Furthermore, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a mental health concentration from Southern New Hampshire University. Recently, I became a student at the Christian Leaders Institute to get ministry training and ordination as a minister.

For most of my life, I separated myself from God. Childhood trauma and maltreatment caused a massive rift between me and God. How could I sit in church on Sunday, listen to the preacher talk about how much God loves children, and then go home and be beaten daily?

Ordination as a Minister through CLI

Until this spring, I was a fully practicing Wiccan. But then, I began to hear God calling to me. Instead of fighting or ignoring Him, I chose to listen. And I found Him! I opened my heart and my life and let God back in. I welcomed Him with open arms and asked Him to show me what He wants me to do for Him. Now, I want to be a lighthouse to those lost in the darkness as I once was. Furthermore, I want to spread God’s love and acceptance to those who feel lost and alone in the world. I hope my ministry to others will bring them out of the darkness and into God’s light!

Study Interest at CLI: I want to receive my official ordination as a Minister and learn about other areas to grow my ministry.

My Ministry Goals: I aim to be a lighthouse for those still lost in the darkness like I once was. I want to grow my relationship with God to help those suffering.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, writing, and knitting. In the fall, I love knitting warm scarves to give to people experiencing homelessness and those in need. I hope to also start knitting prayer shawls in the future.

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