Called to Christian Ministry

In the quiet moments of my life, as I reflect on my journey to Christian ministry, I am reminded of the profound and transformative experience that has shaped the course of my existence. It was a calling that I could not ignore, a divine whisper that gradually grew into a thunderous roar in the depths of my soul. Therefore, called to Christian Ministry, I searched for ministry training and found the Christian Leaders Institute. The tuition-free ministry and Bible courses are equipping me for my calling.

My Journey to Christian Ministry

My journey to Christian ministry began in my thirties. It was when my husband and I, with our two children, took a month to travel the country. While staying near the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, we drove up to Cade’s Cove. We saw a little white chapel in the valley surrounded by fields. At that moment, I felt this strong desire to teach the Word of God, to share the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to dedicate my life to ministry.

At this time, there was a significant hindrance to my entering ministry. It was that I grew up in a very strict, faith-centered family. We attended church regularly, and I developed a wonderful foundation of belief in Christ. Throughout most of my life, I was unaware that the religion I was raised in was not a traditional Christian religion. Many teachings were contrary to the Bible. Women could not participate in any position in the church except to lead music for children or teach women under the very strict guidance of male leadership. Therefore, my heart sank. This powerful desire would never be realized in my life since I wholeheartedly believed in the religion of my upbringing.

My Journey Continued

As I entered my forties, I had questions about my religion and branched out. My beliefs started shifting. Eventually, I had the most powerful desire to study the New Testament. My faith completely shifted. The teachings of Jesus Christ became woven into the very fabric of my soul. Furthermore, I attended a Bible church online due to living outside a tiny town of about 400. I finally began to embrace Christianity wholeheartedly. It has been such a beautiful unfolding of God’s truth in my life that has lit a passion in me! I began to sense a deep connection to God’s Word and a desire to share it with others.

Throughout my adult life, I have spoken at private religious schools, youth groups, and other church activities. I have spoken in religious Sunday services dozens of times. Furthermore, I discovered that I absolutely love public speaking. Friends, family, and fellow church members often remarked on my natural ability to powerfully speak the Word of God, connect with people, and inspire them.

Called to Christian Ministry

Over the years that followed, I sought guidance from mentors and spiritual leaders within my church community. Their affirmation of my gifts and calling served as confirmation from God. However, it was not until a moment of deep reflection and prayer that I experienced an unshakable inner conviction. It was an undeniable sense that God was calling me to dedicate my life to Christian ministry.

With my calling confirmed, I embarked on the arduous yet deeply fulfilling path of ministry preparation. I delved into the study of Scripture, theology, and pastoral care. There were countless moments of spiritual growth, introspection, and prayer. During this time, I encountered challenges that tested my faith and commitment. However, they were also opportunities for growth and refinement. The lessons learned from these trials became an essential part of my ministry journey. They equip me with the empathy and wisdom needed to guide others.

I do have a desire to become a Pastor, but I also feel a strong call to women’s ministry. My journey to Christian ministry has been a sacred and fulfilling adventure. It tested my faith, deepened my relationship with God, and allowed me to impact the lives of countless individuals. Through the confirmation of mentors, the affirmation of my own heart, and the guidance of God, I have found my purpose in serving others and spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a calling that has enriched my life in immeasurable ways and one that I am humbled and grateful to answer every day.

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