Christian Ministry Leadership Education

Humble servant
I am Vadim P. Borodulin, currently residing in Moses Lake, a small town (approx. 25K) in the middle of Washington State. I moved here in 2005 when my wife and I tied the knot and promised each other, “Until death will separate us…” Today, we enjoy each other’s company and have five beautiful kids. The tuition-free Christian Ministry Leadership education at the Christian Leaders Institute is equipping me for my ministry calling from God.

My Story

Born in 1979, I grew up in the southern part of Ukraine, then called the USSR. My grandfather (my mom’s dad) suffered persecution and imprisonment for five years because he was a Christian. Further, he never turned his back on Christ but passionately passed his faith to his kids and grandkids.

In 1980, my father passed away. My mother never remarried. She raised five kids on her own. It wasn’t easy in a country where Christians were considered a low-level population that qualified for no benefits. However, she relied on God. I was fourth in our family and graduated from Ukrainian high school in 1994. Then, I went to college but didn’t graduate because we moved to the USA in 1998 to seek better opportunities.

God Called Me

When we moved to the USA, I came to a point where I stood at the fork. Do I serve God, or do I serve myself? It was a battle. Today, I am thankful to God because His voice was louder. It still is! In 1999, I gave my heart to Christ and was baptized in a Slavic church in Federal Way, WA. In 2003, God called me to ministry. I was a member of the Slavic Gospel Church of Federal Way. I was an active servant in youth ministry, homeless outreach, and worship ministry.

In 2004, I was an administrator for “Good Samaritan” Practical Missionary Bible School (three-month courses), Federal Way, WA. After PMBS was over, I went on a short mission trip to Ukraine and Russia, where I met my wife, Lyudmila, on a mission trip as well. After returning to the USA, we dated and married in August of 2005. We decided to reside in Moses Lake, where my wife is from (she was also born in Ukraine).

My wife’s dad is a father of 13 kids! He is also a senior pastor of Reconciliation Church (non-denominational, leaning to Pentecostal) in Moses Lake. We became members there and are active in youth and worship ministry. After completing the construction of our church building in 2013, the leaders chose me to be a deacon to oversee Sunday school and youth ministry. In 2022, I was ordained as an associate pastor (volunteer) of the same church.

Christian Ministry Leadership Education at CLI

Now almost 45, I need just a little more training in ministry. That’s when I came across the Christian Leaders Institute! So far, I know it will help me to be firm in my faith. Then, I can help others even more and do it right so Christ’s name is glorified! These free courses are a blessing! Throughout my life, I wanted to have a Christian ministry leadership education. However, I couldn’t afford it.

My kids – Maksim (17), Anna (15), Veronica (13), Nathaniel (9), and Jeremiah (3) – are growing up and showing interest in music. My wife homeschools our kids through middle school. She and I decided to invest in them so that they glorify our Savior with music. Maksim plays piano and cello, Anna plays piano and violin, Veronica plays piano and clarinet, and Nathaniel plays piano. As you can imagine, to come across free Christian ministry leadership courses and education, I screamed, “Thank you, Jesus!”

A favorite verse in the Bible for me is John 3:30, “He must become greater; I must become less.”

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