Free Online Bible Courses

Free Online Bible Courses

Everyone has a story. I always thought my story did not add up, but it did when I began to walk with God as a Father and a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. God led me to the Christian Leaders Institute for free online Bible courses.

Timothy Kipchirchir Kanda is my name. Born and raised in a little village called Kipsetan in Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Kenya, I grew up in a polygamous family as the third born of five among many other siblings. I am an urban planner by training. Currently, I am doing a one-year internship in the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya. Born again, I love God with all my heart because He first loved me.

My Youthful Days

I have snapshots of my youthful days. It is part of my story. Growing up as a child was tough for us as a family. Our dad was not that supportive of the family despite being a primary school teacher. My father as a teacher looked great for the family especially with how the community would view such a family. However, deep down, the family knew how tough things were. My dad was not responsible, and it reached a point when my mum resorted to brewing alcohol to support the family.

This happened before I was born. By the time I knew things as a child, my mum had left brewing and attended church. Thanks to God, my mum is born again. I am praying my dad will soon also receive Christ. Going to church for us kids was mandatory. I am grateful to God that out of it Christian values and the knowledge that God is there were instilled in me. I loved going to Sunday school classes and participated in activities like competitions and attending kid’s camps.

For me, I thought that attending church and being a good boy brought salvation. So, learning about what it is to be saved and the Holy Spirit were new and strange to my ears. Life went on and became even tougher throughout our schooling having only our mum working so hard as a farmer to support us. The worst moments were when my elder brother became sick and was hospitalized for several months, and, not long after, my mum developed an abnormal growth in her body. Thanks to God that both got well and from then to date, they are in good health.

Basic Ministry Calling

In my high school life, I experienced Christian leadership and became the Christian Union chairperson for two years. My ministry calling began there at a basic level. However, it did not deepen my relationship with God as I still didn’t know the Lord at a personal level. There was a longing inside of me which I did not quite understand.

One day, while sitting in the kitchen with my sister, I fell asleep for a short time. I saw a vision of myself standing before a large crowd and speaking to them. I thought to myself that maybe one day I would become a politician (who else speaks to large crowds as politicians do). But that vision kept replaying several other times in my life, and I realized it was in relation to the call of God.

Where the Fruitful Journey Began

The university campus is where all became meaningful. Before I joined campus, I prayed to God for Him to use me at the university. I heard many things about the university like, “there is much freedom, less reading, and a lot of immorality happening.” However, I did not hear much information about people who were Christians on campus. I also told God that I would love to begin a Christian Union on campus with there being no serious Christians there.

Yet, when I got there, I discovered another vibrant Christian Union that made me realize something was amiss deep inside of me. I needed to confess that I was a sinner and in need of a savior. One amazing experience that I can’t forget the reality of God’s presence was when one of the Christian Union patrons preached and mentioned exactly my thoughts. I quote, “Some of you thought there were no Christians on campus, and you had even thought of beginning a Christian Union here. But we have been here and serious about the Lord.” Immediately, I recalled my previous thoughts before coming. Then, I knew I needed the Lord.

Desire for Growth

God helped me through. I was amazed at how preachers who came to speak were handling the Word of God, and I desired the things of God at a deeper level. In some instances, I was angry with myself and God as to why I was not growing. Every time I read a passage in the Bible, I felt I needed to know more, and just reading it didn’t bring out the full meaning.

This longing went on for some time. Then, one morning, I was frustrated and asking God questions. The Lord spoke to me in a soft voice, “But you are reading my word carelessly.” I was shocked at first and silently pondered. Finally, I came to understand I needed to know how to study my Bible and sit and be taught by a Bible teacher. I thank God for His grace thus far and desire more of Him.

Furthermore, campus exposed me to leadership and gave me an opportunity to serve as a leader. During my second and third years, I moved to a satellite campus at the heart of a city called Kisumu. The Christian Union was being set-up and then the opportunity for leadership came. I served as the secretary first, and a year later, as the Christian union chairperson. My service at the Christian union was a real preparation and foundation for a deeper walk with God. Leadership is a process where God works in your life and helps you to intimately grow in Him so that you can be effective to lead others in His ways.

My Spiritual Dream and Free Online Bible Courses at CLI

My spiritual dream is to grow in the Lord and have a deep knowledge of Him as a faithful teacher of his word. I always desired to teach the word and that passion is growing every day. I would love to plant a church, by God’s grace, and teach His people the depth of His love.

One day, I asked God where and when can I begin this journey. I have wanted to study ministry and the Bible before I can be in full-time ministry. Knowing how expensive studies at a Bible college are, I searched the internet for free online Bible courses. Then, I found the Christian Leaders Institute. It was an answered prayer for me!

I read through, registered, and here I am today. I am so grateful for CLI and the opportunity to study these free online courses. Thanks to the sponsors of this program, I have already begun my journey of learning. A lot has been happening in my life, and I pray that this becomes a perfect opportunity for me to grow more and realize the call of God. Thanks, CLI, and God bless you!

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