Free Biblical Ministry Training

Free Biblical Ministry Training

My name is Brian Fox, and I am receiving free biblical ministry training at CLI. I was born in a small town on the East Rand in South Africa named Springs. I grew up with three siblings; two sisters and a brother. After my parents got divorced, we lived with our mother.

My mother became a Christian. So, I was forced to attend Sunday school which I enjoyed, but if a soccer match happened to be on a Sunday, I would rather play soccer. My mother passed away in 1996, and I started on a downward spiral and got involved with theft, drugs, and fights on a regular basis.

I have been told twice through my life that God has a plan for me. Once was in front of a packed church that I only attended because my sister was getting her Bible school certificate. The church to me was just for weddings, funerals, and the odd family occasion.

After the birth of my daughter, I got married the next year to my girlfriend of 12 years. Marriage changed my life, and by God’s grace, I received a second attempt at life as I was failing miserably before. Three years ago, we started attending church regularly and helped plant a church in my hometown of Springs. It was great to see how God was working in our lives.

We moved to George in 2018, and we were only able to do it with God’s blessing and help as the whole transition was smooth and hassle-free. I volunteer with my wife and 12-year-old daughter at the local church and love it. We are in the process of adoption and cannot wait to add to our family and to God’s kingdom.

I know God has a purpose for my life. So, I started looking at learning more about the Bible and received a whats app to say that I must check out Christian Leaders Institute as an option to get the free Biblical ministry training I yearn for. I am eager to learn more about God, the Bible, and His will for my life. God is Great, and I feel honored and privileged to be able to serve in His Kingdom.

Learn about Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance.

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