Ministry Goal

Lincoln Disbrow says, “My ministry goal is to minister to those with mental health disabilities.”

My Ministry Goal and How CLI Changed My Approach to Ministry

My name is Lincoln Disbrow, and Christian Leaders Institute is helping me reach my ministry goal through free quality online ministry training. I live in the United States of America, specifically in Durand, Michigan. I came to God by learning about the teachings of Christ Jesus in the Bible. My ministry goal is to minister to those with mental disabilities. Because of my mental health issues, I can minister to handicapped people with confidence.

This class paved the way for being a better minister. I see myself as being either a Pastor or a House Church Minister. Feeling an intense calling from God led me to the ministry. The main challenge I face is the travel distance from other people. I live in the countryside. I do not have a local church; though I do not want to let that stop me from planting a church. My family does support me morally and spiritually. Christian Leaders Institute has allowed me access to quality college-level coursework with zero debt. I am grateful to both my family and Christian Leaders Institute.

Peace be with you.

Read how you can be Ordained as a minister through Christian Leaders Alliance.

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