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Servant Leader Training: I Am A Servant of God

My name is Minnie Traynor, and I am receiving free servant leader training at Christian Leaders Institute. I am a servant of the Living God, a wife, mother, and grandmother. I was born and raised in East London, UK.

Sixteen years ago, we decided to relocate to Nottingham, UK. This move was to escape drugs, gangs, and criminal activity. My husband was a heroin and crack addict. I frequently used cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, and marijuana. But nothing changed except our address. That was until I met Jesus.

After a particularly bad period in my life, my marriage broke. My husband and I separated for two and a half years, and he moved back to London. During this time our eldest son began getting in trouble with the police. After some time, my husband asked if he could move back in, just for the children’s sake as his absence had caused an adverse effect on them. I agreed as I was desperate for help. But we still did not reconcile. I demanded that he move into our youngest son’s room which he shared with his brother.

During this time, my husband was trying to show me that he had changed. I did not trust or believe him. I knew he was lying and just trying to tell me what I wanted and needed to hear. I was beside myself with anxiety and depression. Emotionally I was a mess. I was perplexed. I could not cope anymore.

Then on the 5th of December 2010, after the children went to bed, I fell to my knees and just cried out, “God, if You are real, I need You to show up in my life and this situation now! If You have brought this junkie back into my life, then You need to give me the tools I need to love him. I am done. I cannot do this anymore!” At that moment, I knew that God was real. The tangible feeling of His overwhelming Love just swept over me. I lay on the floor sobbing my heart out. But I knew it was going to be alright. That night began my pursuit of Perfect Love and getting to know Holy Trinity.

I started attending our family’s church on my road to servant leader training. It was amazing while I was fresh and learning every day. I sought God’s Face. I fasted, prayed, and studied His Infallible Word. I laid hands on my husband while he slept and declared him healed. I spoke the promises of God over him and our children.

One day my husband said, “There’s a feeling of peace about you. You’ve changed so much. What is it? What has happened?” I told him of the night I surrendered. I said that it would not be possible to love and accept him without the Holy Spirit living inside me. I told him all about Jesus and encouraged him to read the Bible. He didn’t even let me finish before saying he wanted what I had. He wanted to have Jesus and be truly free.  On the 1st of February 2011, he gave his life to Christ, and we have not looked back since. He was immediately healed of addiction to crack and heroin. That’s his story; I’ll let him tell it.

Continuing my servant leader training, we started serving at our family church. We outgrew this setting. God moved us to another church where my husband served as Assistant Pastor and I as an Evangelist. Then we felt God calling us in another direction. God has now placed us in a church which is very active in the community both locally, and abroad in Africa and Europe. The sound, undiluted Word of God is taught and preached, and the love of God is felt throughout the whole congregation.

God has given me a passion and desire to effect positive change in the lives of the lost, broken, messed-up, unwanted, used, and abused people, young and old. I want to impact them with His love and expose them to His Infallible Word. I also have a sincere desire to see broken relationships healed. I deeply desire to be a Christian Counsellor, making a positive contribution to society, and having a positive effect on the lives of God’s people.

Finding Christian Leaders Institute through Google was a total God-send. I was praying about going deeper and higher in Him, but I am not able to afford to go to Bible College. The Holy Spirit led me to CLI, and I am excited about this servant leader training. I can identify with Evangelist, Small Group Leader, and Youth Leader, as I have served in all these posts.

The moment of my salvation, I knew I was not going to be a ‘turn up at church’ kind of person. For me, all my life it has been all or nothing. I’m in, I want it all, and I want to do all, for the glory of God.

My church is very supportive of my calling. My husband is supportive as well. Our children are still finding their way and living their testimony. But our grandchildren are very involved and love Jesus.

Free Bible college training at CLI is so important to me because to be a good, effective leader; you must know your product. The Infallible Word is the foundation to build on. But how can you build competently, if you do not fully understand the Word? How can you teach others correctly, if you haven’t studied accurately? The Bible says to study to show yourself approved. Deep calls to deep and I want to go deeper and higher in Him. Then, I want to share, teach, and spread what I have learned.

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