Free Bible Courses

Free Bible Courses

My name is John Randale Rovero of Manila, Philippines and I am taking free Bible courses at CLI. I grew up in a Catholic family. I have one younger brother and we’re currently living with our parents. I am presently working as a call center agent and a part-time Life insurance agent.

What I see here in the Philippines, although known as the only Christian country in southeast Asia, is that being a Christian is just a religious lifestyle. But, after being introduced to Christ, I’ve learned that Christianity is different. It is not about following do’s and don’ts or having perfect attendance on Sundays at church. It was my brother who became a Christian first in our family after someone shared the gospel with him. Then through his life, I’ve been introduced to Christianity. But before I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, my younger brother experienced persecution because of me.

In May of 2014, I accepted Christ when my brother invited me to attend one of their Sunday services and one of his friends shared the gospel with me. Then I noticed that I got more into attending Sunday services but I was still stubborn headed on those days. Finally, after three months I opened a Bible for the first time on my own at home. It was really awkward at first, but by God’s grace, I got used to it. Now it’s clear to me that it was the Father who prompted my heart to feed on His word. And the Holy Spirit enables me to comprehend Christ’s teachings. After three more months, I’ve been part of a ministry and joined a discipleship group.

Now, why did I join Christian Leaders Institute? Honestly, one of the reasons is that I actually never had finished any degree. Although I’ve had opportunities to enroll in schools, I moved from one school to another. I took Fine arts and Automotive vocational courses here in Manila, but I never finished anything because of my pride. Last year in 2017, I started facilitating a Bible study at our office where I currently work as a call center agent. After a month or two, I could tell that it’s not easy without God’s guidance and proper training. I’ve noticed that we’ve had Bible study sessions that to me are lacking and what I actually fear the most is to deliver God’s word outside its context. I then started praying that I needed help when it comes to presenting His words to the lost. This year I prayed about it, and God once again has been gracious to me and through a friend, the Lord introduced me to free Bible courses at Christian Leaders Institute.

At this moment, I just finished the “Getting Started Class” but I still need more prayers to continue studying for His glory and apply what I learn from the Lord through CLI as I reach out to the people and minister as God had called me to do.

All glory to king Jesus! Thank you, CLI, and thank you to our beloved faculty members!

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