Gracefully Broken

Read how Annabelle has been gracefully broken by betrayal, confusion, and ill-health into a Spirit-driven dream to become a Christian counselor, motivational speaker, outreach server, and author.

Gracefully Broken

Blessings, my name is Annabelle Ortiz, and I have been gracefully broken. I reside in New Hampshire where I am seeking to follow the call of God. I moved from Rhode Island a year ago, after being relocated due to domestic violence.

I came to the Lord in 2007 but did not fully understand what I was really seeking until 2009. Since childhood, I always felt drawn to seek God’s presence. I read the Bible and it would come to life in my mind. Every event and story became real. I was always praying and letting others know that I believed deeply in Jesus. I was not walking at all in the Spirit but felt this dependency and faith in Him. Even though I was in the world, God would always bring me to Himself.

I have endured many hardships and allowed the enemy to succeed in his attacks, but God’s grace and mercy always rescued and sustained me. I began going to church in Rhode Island where I was able to understand I have a calling and a purpose. I asked for a mentor and began serving in my calling as an outreach leader and server to our community. My purpose was presenting Jesus to those who are forgotten, such as the homeless, abused, and those from broken homes. I started “Alcance 911 “(Outreach Evangelist Ministry) through my church. It impacted many lives and God gave me this place where He wanted me to serve.

I then had a downfall health-wise and emotionally. I found myself in a spiritual warfare. I married an elder from the church that became my abuser. You can imagine the betrayal and confusion I felt. However, God has used this experience to equip me, strengthen me, and teach me discernment. He taught me that I must really seek His truth and choose to want to walk in righteousness and address the issues that separate us from His light. I then decided to educate myself spiritually and heal before I could be a leader within my calling.

I came to Christian Leaders Institute while asking God to show me how to grow in my walk. I started searching the internet and found CLI. I read it’s mission and purpose and understood that this was of God. Seeing that I could not afford to pay for school and still have complications from my tumor removal and being homeless, I embraced the challenge and promised myself to get started. Christian Leaders Institute has given me the opportunity to grow spiritually and have a better understanding of how to reach my spiritual dream to become a Christian counselor, motivational speaker, author, and outreach server.

My goal is to write books on how to be “gracefully broken” in the struggles and the conflict. I want to write and publish books about God’s grace and mercy. I also want to open a safe haven building for broken souls; a place where one can inject hope and restoration. A place to receive a breakthrough in order to have an opportunity to become who they were created to be!

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