Saved to Serve

I’m Andrea Carlomusto, but many know me as “trainer Ande” here in the suburbs of Detroit, MI in the United States.

I did not really grow up with faith in Christ as any real type of focus. Sure, I knew His name…but that was about it. My entire life, I never felt like I fit in. What people liked and valued, just wasn’t my “thing”. I developed feelings of inadequacy which led me to OCD, eating disorder and harmful addictive behaviors. I hurt many people and faced death more than a handful of times.

It wasn’t until I hit 27 years old before I started praying. I had no clue what I was doing, but I was desperate. After 3 years of praying for God to either “take me out or transform me”, came the night where I got on my knees in prayer and cried until morning. When morning came, I felt scared but had a weird freedom too. It’s hard to explain. In literally one night, Jesus came into me and God took over everything. He put me on a path to recovery. He directed me to have a purpose and let me know I was valued. I was saved to serve Him!

Since then, I would like to say things were easy, but they weren’t. After the honeymoon period of being born again, the real work started. Now, I felt like I had a responsibility to be the best representative of Christ Jesus as I possibly could, had to say goodbye to many worldly possessions, ideas, and people; and it was time to let Him do what He will with me. Deciding to be a real Christian was the hardest and best decision of my life. I can’t wait to see where He takes me and what His plan is!

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