Called to Teaching ministry

Called to Teaching Ministry – God’s Plan is Best

My name is Sondra Michelle Feser, and I live in Joppa, Maryland. God called me to a teaching ministry early in my life. Now, I need a ministry certificate to serve. The Christian Leaders Institute will train and help me on my teaching ministry path.

Called to Teach

I am in my fifties, and looking back at how God has moved in my life, I could probably write a book. I heard the gospel as a child and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior just before I turned nine. It seems no coincidence that two of the things I was attracted to most at the time God has developed in His way and for His purposes. I wanted to be a teacher, and I enjoyed crochet.

After graduating high school, I went to college and earned an Associate of Arts degree from a local community college. I intended to transfer to a university in the area and pursue a teaching degree. My husband and I married the same year I received my AA degree. My husband and I were working full-time, and the expense of pursuing a bachelor’s degree was not in our budget. Further, my workplace paid for classes only related to business. I planned to earn a business degree, move into a more well-paid position, and continue working toward a teaching degree.

When I became pregnant with our first child, my plans changed. It became less expensive for me to become a stay-at-home mom. This event set me on the path of being the teacher God wanted me to be. I became both a Sunday School teacher and a homeschool mom. My husband and I (now married for over 30 years) eventually had four children. I gained experience teaching Sunday School for all ages as my children grew and homeschooled for a total of twenty-two years.

God’s Plan is Best

My hobby of crocheting may seem insignificant, but God does tend to use small things. During my years at home, I increased my skills. I joined a crochet guild and became a Master of Advanced Stitches and Techniques. Mostly, I crochet for charity, making hats for children and the homeless, blankets for local pregnancy resource centers, prayer shawls, and other items for my church. I even taught crochet at my church to increase the number of hats and mittens to give to those in need.

I still teach Sunday School for adults. My passion is to disciple new believers and those young in the faith. I desire to help ground my students in Biblical principles, teach them how to study the scriptures for themselves, and see how God’s word applies to all areas of their lives. Sadly, the paper ceiling, not having a degree or credentials, affects the ability of those who feel called to advance in their service. I hope to obtain a certificate in ministry at the Christian Leaders Institute. It will help me pursue a path of educating others in my church and even using my crochet work to reach even more people outside the church in a novel way.

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