Hi, my name is Jahkia, born and raised in the Island of Bermuda and at the age of thirty-two I’m a proud mother of a nine year old son. I am an energetic, analytical individual and I love reading, swimming, networking, and helping others. I come from a small family. Growing up after my parents divorced it was just my mom, my brother, and I. We were always close, engaging one another in conversation. My father is now remarried and I now have two sisters who are eight and six. I have worked as a Customer Service Representative in the Insurance industry now for eight years. Customer satisfaction and focus has always been valuable to me, people are valuable to me. I enjoy what I do and look forward to developing and growing. This walk with my Lord Christ Jesus started two years ago. I was a very worldly person prior and living a very dangerous on the edge lifestyle. I knew there was a sense of purpose inside of me because I was working and I was going after good things for my life, but I lived a double life. I was playing two different roles all the while being wrapped in the arms of the enemy. I am glad that I have met Jesus and accepted Him as my Savior. I have a life that is infused with purpose and destiny.

I used to ask the question–How can I be so bold for the world, fight at the drop of a dime, lie so easily, steal and the like, but timid and drawn back to speak on the goodness of God? I realize that as a worldly person I had a buildup of learned behavior that I had to unlearn. I had loads of people who looked up to me in my worldly state and I am proud that now I have accepted Christ, many of those people are observing my walk. I want to show them that in Christ the same freedom that I have found, is available to them. I am liking to an Evangelist and I want to use my ministry training to Evangelize and allow the might of the Holy Spirit to be a powerful voice in the body of Christ for the Glory of God. I want to help people reach their goals in life by instilling love, and loads of encouragement in them. Instead of leading people on the path to destruction I will now be able to lead them to Christ who gives life abundantly.

Not able to afford ministry training has been my biggest concern. I do not come from a wealthy family nor do I earn loads of money from the job I have. As a single working parent it is not easy finding time or financial resources to undergo ministry training off the island. Having a scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute can help me reach my goal as the courses are online, free of charge, and I have time to spend with my family whilst growing in the knowledge of Christ as a child of God. I am so grateful for opportunities such as this where I can pursue my ministry training in Bermuda and I thank God for CLI for answering the call placed upon their hearts to lead this institute for developing worldwide leaders.

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