My name is Pastor Kapinga Dieudonné Mushagalusa, Ordained as a Pastor at HIPEC (Holy International Pentecostal Church in Kampala/Uganda) since August, 2nd, 2008. I’m married to Mwamini Solange Kapinga. Ordained as Senior Pastor at Holy International Christian Ministries Church in Denmark (HICMDK) since August 3rd, 2014. My wife and I together with our 5 children are all living in Denmark.

I’m a world changer working with the vulnerable, widows, road children, the raped and abandoned women in East-DR. Congo in Africa. Your spiritual and physical support shall be most helpful to us.

My wife and I’s story

From teenage-hood my wife was a woman of prayer and a strong singer in a Revival Church in Congo, the Lord sent a mighty Prophet to her under full intercession, and told her: Before you were born, I prepared a Pastor who shall be your husband of life whom I chose before he was born. This went over my wife’s understanding at that age (15), but she kept praying. Then my wife she believed and knew that the candidate whom God could send to marry her, was supposed to be a Pastor as well. Me, at that time, I was still a Catholic. I was serving God in Catholic Church in Bukavu DR.Congo. Although I wasn’t a Priest at the catholic parish, people were calling me a Priest because of the roles that I was playing at the Parish counsel.

My wife and I met and she saw me as come to marry her, she welcomed me, loved me while she knew well that I was a Catholic. She loved me more than anyone else in her life with a love she never experienced in her life as well as me. She accepted to go to the Catholic church where we had our colorful and beautiful wedding.

After our wedding in 2001, We moved to Kampala-Uganda. God called me in Ministry training and we started a Church Holy International Pentecostal Church in Africa (HIPEC)

One day we were in the dialogue, my wife said to me, “My Honey, can I give you a testimony?”

I replied with a big, “YES.”

She began to telling me about the prophecy of us becoming pastors. That night, we began to glorify God for his Wonders. Now we are together in God’s ministry. Glory to God.

My Education

I learnt Theology and Pastoral Studies at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). I got a Christian Leaders Diploma. I have Bachelor in Public Administration from South Denmark University College, have Office Administration Diploma from International Business College – Denmark, before I graduated from Toender Business/DK. I’m actually an active student at CLI until now to another level. I thank God for CLI. It has opened my eyes and my spirit in my ministry. I recommend all of you readers of my story to join us at CLI. YOU’RE GETTING HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION FOR FREE.

Why choose Christian Leaders Institute (CLI)?

I have my special reason: first of all CLI promotes quality leaders at a very advanced level without any fee of charge. Secondly, theology is necessary to avoid ignorance that can lead to accepting erroneous doctrines. It is also necessary to understand the doctrines that we have accepted for the light of the believers that we have chosen to serve.Therefore, the level of biblical and theological studies which are absolutely free and of a high quality at CLI, are just the way to increase my capacity theologically and doctrinally through understanding and able to distinguish the truth of the Gospel to better proclaiming the true living Word, to strategically reach people’s spiritual potential in society. Through this, CLI has lead me to the empowerment of my ministry ongoing

In many cases what we find is that many do not truly understand the foundations of the beliefs that they have chosen to stand on. some people feel that it is their leader’s responsibility to prepare theologically and pass on to them what they have learned. I am not in agreement with this point of view. I believe that all Christians are responsible for preparing themselves to check and verify the teachings of those who have been given the role of leaders and teachers in our lives. Reason why we must choose right universities, right schools and right professors or teachers. So CLI is the LIGHT where we are getting quality studies and quality leaders and professors free of charge. Nobody tan say, I have no ability to learn the truth of the holy scriptures. God bless CLI!

Many false teachers have gone out with a perverted theology based on assumptions and erroneous interpretations without any type of hindrance, due primarily to a reliance upon the ignorance of many and the ability to go unchecked. CLI is helping me test teachings and follow God in sound doctrine.

“There is nothing wrong with being an amateur theologian or a professional theologian, but there is everything wrong about being an ignorant or a sloppy theologian.”

God bless you.

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