Women Ministry Call

Women Ministry Call

My name is Michelle Yvonne Wren-Thoreson, and I have a women ministry call on my life. I live in the United States. My nickname is Shelly, and my husband gave me the road name of Sassy. I am 51 years old and just got married to the man that God brought into my life. We married on the eighth of September 2018 at Highway 2 Heaven Bible Church. We have three German Shepherd dogs that are our “kids.”

I grew up going to a Christian grade school in northern Illinois with a difficult transition to public school for Jr High and High School. That was a major cultural shock. I went to a Christian school but grew up without any of the Christian values. I experienced physical, psychological, and sexual abuse as a child. My parents were divorced when I was three years old. Then, my father remarried later that same year, and my mother remarried four years later. My mother walked out on us. So it was hard on us, but I became my daddy’s tomboy.

Personal Struggles and My Women Ministry Call

I grew up not liking myself and continually doubting myself as I was often criticized and put down. I could never do anything right, and my mother still thinks that and treats me that way even today.

Growing up as a Baptist, I had some church knowledge. But, once I was on my own, I turned away from the church. I never had a good role model in religion. Since then, I have found my way back to God! I rededicated my life and received baptism again on Easter Sunday in 2018.

I have the calling to minister to and help women grow in Christ. With the guidance of the teaching and leadership of Christian Leaders Institute, I will be able to guide women in the way of a better life through God.


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