Biblical Training Opportunity

Biblical Training Opportunity

My name is Joel Mukonyoro from Kenya. I am a Kenyan currently residing in South Sudan. I am thankful for this biblical training opportunity with CLI. At first, my pastor saw that I had something in me after giving me permission to preach in the church. Then, he realized I had the grace of God to serve and preach, so he told me to join the ministry. But, I refused simply because of what I had seen in many servants of God. Often, they live in poverty. Therefore, I had many of the reasons to say no.

But afterward, I realized that when God calls you, He will supply your needs as long as you remain faithful to Him. I stand today to say that God has done it. I have seen Him supply my needs. I am blessed with a wife and two children. By God’s grace, they are doing well. As I am serving the Lord, we have gone to places where we had never been before. We associated with many great men of God on this ministry journey.

Service to God and Biblical Training Opportunity at CLI

In simple terms, serving God brings honor and respect. When we respond to God’s calling to serve Him, we shall be honored by God. So, do you know what many people are looking for today? People are looking for honor and to have a good name others will admire. Another thing I learned after serving, we shall be where Jesus is. What a privilege it is! Despite the challenges in the ministry, He will still create an opportunity for us to go forward. So, let us continue in this work of the ministry without giving up.

This free biblical training opportunity at Christian Leaders Institute is a Godsend for me. Now I can learn more about the Bible, grow in my walk with God and in my leadership skills. Thank you, CLI!


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