Nursing Home Ministry Calling

Nursing Home Ministry Calling

My name is Terry Comeford, and I have a nursing home ministry calling on my life. I was born in Norfolk, Nebraska in the United States of America. I am an Army Veteran. Shortly after I received baptism at a summer church camp at the age of thirteen, my journey with the Lord started in earnest. It was at this time that I felt that God was calling me to the ministry. I went through a time of searching for truth. That path led me to explore many different religious organizations, synagogues, and churches.

After I left the United States Army, I moved to San Antonio, Texas. I lived there for fifteen years, and I became a funeral director and embalmer. In 1999, I moved back to Nebraska to lend assistance to my aging mother. My mother went into a nursing home, and I started helping with the church services there. She went to heaven three years ago.

Seven years ago, I married the love of my life, Sally Mercado. When I married Sally, I started to make a fully committed effort to follow Jesus. The best decision of my life. Together we share our passion for Jesus in a nursing home ministry. I started doing Bible teaching, preaching, and leading the worship service as I mentioned earlier. We do a complete service with communion for the residents. I am also the leader of a men’s group at our local church.

Free Ministry Training at CLI

This free online ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute is a huge blessing as I answer my nursing home ministry calling. I did not want to go into debt for my ministry education. These classes at Christian Leaders Institute are very informative and have helped me to grow. They made me think through so many of the leadership challenges and blessings that are faced. I look forward to studying more for my nursing home ministry calling.


Learn more about ordained minister study programs at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Interested in collegiate credentials check out CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

For information on a restorative justice program, check out Ignite Restoration.

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