Leticia G. Dominguez, USA
My journey began several decades ago in a small Kentucky town in the United States. With a stormy start, I, Leticia, was born to a young mother, soon to be widowed due to cancer. At the time of my birth father’s death my mother was pregnant with my little sister. With two young toddlers and another on the way, adoption was her only choice during the early 60s.
I was adopted at the age of three along with my sister and brother to Dr. Calvin and Stella Jones. God blessed us with loving, well-educated individuals who choose to give their hearts and lives to their three children.

Pregnant out of wedlock at the age of 17 I was asked to leave the church that our family attended because they did not believe I was a positive example for the church youth. That was a pivotal point in life for me. At that time, I decided that if God didn’t want me (church) then I didn’t need him either. Then I became even more bitter and angry at God when at 23 I lost my mother and best friend. Life seemed to be one struggle after another.

Many years later I stepped into a church service. This time, I realized that it wasn’t God’s choice to excommunicate me from His presence. For the first time I heard a sermon on what grace was and that Jesus Christ died for ALL sin and that I was loved. That was when I rededicated my life to Christ.

I have had many other detours on this journey. My past is filled with both good and bad choices. However, each experience has helped me learn, grow and develop into the person I am today. Here is a writing after attending a Women’s Banquet Weekend:
As I took my daily stroll
Down the path of life,
I didn’t care to think about
What was wrong or right.
But on my way I saw a face
That glowed with beauty, kindness and grace.
He looked as though He could see right through
The pain and trouble my life knew.
I kept on waiting for Him to say
You’re not worth the time of day.
Ye,t He reached down and took my hand
He said, “Follow me to the promise land.”
I accepted His offer and begin to learn
Eternal life is “freely given”, not “earned”.
My path still has traps and snares to dodge
But, He is there when my feet get lodged.
I’ve learned through Him that life won’t end.
My LORD, my Jesus died for ALL sin.
Then through His grace I finally knew
I was forgiven and my life made new…

Currently, I still reside in Kentucky and regularly attend a local church. Sometimes I fill in for Sunday school, help with projects and events. Mostly, however, I fill my days as a rhyme writing, retired, homeschooling, babysitting Grandma who loves God and desires to lead by the example.

My ministry goal is to be the best Ambassador for Christ Jesus, as I can be, in this human body, and getting to God is only one step that I can choose towards that goal. I have desired to increase my education for several years, yet there have been road blocks each time. Roadblocks were things such as, times, classes, transportation, money, always something to prevent moving forward. Until now. I am not so much wanting a degree as I am desiring to learn. I don’t have a need to say, “hey see what I did”, but an education based on biblical truths and Christian doctrines that can be shared on a daily basis.

The more I learn and apply Cristian concepts into my life, the more I can share by example. I believe our brains are like computers, “garbage in/garbage out”, therefore I enjoy submerging myself in God’s Word. Knowledge and history are one of the aspects I can work on in developing and strengthening my relationship with God and those God places on my path.
I don’t know what God has planned for my future but I want to be usable vessel. If it is missions, let me be ready to go. If God wants me to teach, then I want to teach truth. God answers prayers and I pray for time to devote to the LORD and for education which has brought me here, right here, one more step towards my ultimate goal.

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