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Ministry Ordination Profile: Marthinus Pretorius

I am Marthinus Pretorius, born 57 years ago and staying in Pretoria, South Africa. I am married to Martha Pretorius, and we have a son, Friedrich.

In 1974, at the age of 16, I gave my heart to Christ, was called by God to full-time ministry, but due to various factors, I never went to Seminary.

I was a regular “churchgoer”, and I worked myself up in the church, holding various “positions.”

I met my wife, and we were involved in youth ministry, doing what we thought was important to the church!
As a result of my religious background and the way in which I was raised, I had some relationship with the Father and Jesus, and I believed that I knew the Bible, but I did not realize that there was something profoundly important which to add and which would change my life. I had no idea of the working of the Holy Spirit – to the extent that I warned people to avoid churches where the Holy Spirit was allowed to flow and where people were welcomed to spontaneously worship.
Then, in 2000, at the age of 42, and 26 years after I was called into full-time ministry, I had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, spoke in a strange language which I did not understand and was totally confused at what happened to me. Only later did I realize that I had been touched by the Holy Spirit and what it meant.
I had been in a comfort zone all my life, but from that day on I had hunger to know the truth about who God is, and I started to ask questions like:” What is God’s will in my life? Why am I here? Why must I struggle? What does God want from me?” One day I went to the Lord, saying: “Lord, here I am. Do what you want to get me in the place you planned for me”.

I repeatedly asked the question: “What now Lord?”. Then the working of the Holy Spirit started manifesting in my life. The Holy Spirit guided me towards the ministry, and I started preaching and teaching on the greatness of God, healing and the truth regarding the working of the Holy Spirit. By allowing the Holy Spirit to work in my life, I became part of God’s plan for the salvation of the lost. HE gave me the passion to minister HIS Word and to be part of healing so many people who seek their salvation in ways other than through the Lord.

Today I am in full-time ministry with my wife and son in an interdenominational ministry. Our vision is to equip individuals for works of service, encouraging spiritual growth and helping them to recognize and develop their God-given gifts through the teaching of the Bible, the ministry of the Holy Spirit and worship. We aim to function interdependently with churches within the body of Christ. I am grateful to the Lord for allowing me to walk with my spouse and son on this special road, as part of God;s work in His Kingdom.

In our walk with God, we experienced the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit, the supernatural provision of God and the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Although I ministered for years with some informal training, my formal training through CLI is a Gift from God, allowing me to minister from a place of authority.

A great deal of my “getting to know God” came by way of my studies through CLI. It was a revelation from the start to where I am today. I have a totally new understanding of my relationship with God, and what my walk with Jesus should be.
I share the Christian Leaders Institute dream of free ministry training. We minister amongst some of the poorest communities in South Africa, and most of these communities and churches cannot afford formal ministry training
I believe that spiritual leaders should be equipped based on the truth of God’s Word, not on church doctrine or guidelines, or prescription by governments. Christian Leaders Institute provides high-quality tuition with very accurate and faithful representation of Biblical principles. All classes are geared to enable any person in ministry to walk in authority.
I see ministry ordination as the recognition of God’s calling on a person. This ordination at Christian Leaders Institute is a secondary ordination, as I am ordained to a local ministry (Breaking Fallow Ground Ministries INT), who acts as an umbrella organization for some ministry leaders with ministries affiliated to BFGM. I am responsible for the spiritual well-being of these leaders. As an ordained ministry member with CLI, I will be in a better position to promote the free ministry training that CLI provides. This ordination with CLI is also very special to me, as my wife completed the women’s ministry training and she is also now ordained through CLI. As a couple serving God, this is one of the highlights of our ministry career.

I see myself in the role of Pastor and Evangelist. I have a passion for people and in my ministry, I have the opportunity to pastor and evangelize.

I have been in a privileged position to informally and formally ministered for some years, bringing the Gospel wherever the Holy Spirit send us. I have been part of congregations during this time, but my wife and I have now been led to be involved in Church planting. The prophetic word over our lives and ministry is being fulfilled through our involvement with Christian Leaders Institute.

South Africa is a secular democracy with freedom of religion. Many religions are represented in the ethnic and regional diversity of the population, with Christianity overall being dominant.

Although a new political dispensation started in our country in 1994, we can still be regarded as in a transitional phase, as large parts of society are still in a state of neglect.

Specific problems relate to unemployment, substance abuse by youth and a growing extent among unemployed adults.

Membership of the number of Churches in the area is declining due to changes in denominational policies (i.e., same-sex marriages, allowing persons in same-sex relationship to be ordained in ministry, etc. )

Based on the South African statistical survey of 2013, 56,4% of all Christians (79.8 of the population claims Christian affiliation) attend a church service once a week.

A few years ago I was ordained in a church I attended and where I ministered. I am in a privileged situation that while I still attend services at that congregation, I now minister at various other churches, and I have been supported by family friends and church members.

When I made the decision to go into full-time ministry, a good friend of mine asked me whether I was willing to “pay the price.” I did not understand what he meant, as in my mind I always thought that when you work for God, everything would automatically be well.

I had to learn the hard way, which by accepting your calling and walking with Jesus, it is almost guaranteed that you will experience some form of rejection, false accusations, jealousy, hate and things not always associated with a “godly” person.

We have to hold on to God’s promises over our lives and live according to His will for us.
During my studies with CLI, I have spent a lot of time in the presence of God getting to know Him better. I realized that all it takes to get into our calling is to be in a special relationship with the Lord, focusing on doing His will. The Lord wants us to experience His love; He wants us to be changed by it so that we can be the light to the world. We can only achieve this with the help of the Holy Spirit and in total surrender to Him.

The calling which God has on my life can only be released through His grace. My ministry training and ordination will help me to live from God’s grace; live in all its fullness, and to bear fruit out of His Grace.

I have started a new journey, and I am starting to see God’s plan in my life – I will be obedient to His call in my life, not my call in His life!

CLI has made a deep and lasting effect on my life, and the outstanding, high-quality free training equipped me to make a difference in the world around me.

We are in the process of registering a NonProfit Church (Christian Leaders Community Church) and need prayers for favor and acceptance to minister interdenominational. Please pray for the favor to minister to all people groups in South Africa.

Marthinus Pretorius
Pretoria, South Africa

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