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Minister Training – Training the B Team – Jesus Did It

Minister Training – Pastor Bob De Vries preached a stirring message yesterday about the training method of Jesus. Jesus called ordinary people, some of them hardly educated, the "B" team. He schooled his leaders in an 18 month minister training…
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Free Ministry Training

Missionaries - Mobilizing A New Generation

Missionaries like Adoniram Judson laid the foundation for a new mobilization of missionaries. This new mobilization will take place building on the fruit of those first missionaries' efforts. Christian Leaders Institute offers free online…
Free Ministry Training

Ministry Training - Online Students Meet In Person

Christian Leaders Institute began offering advanced ministry training in 2006. Since that time thousands of Christians have been signing up for free ministry training. I am amazed at how many new students sign up every hour for ministry training.…
Free Ministry Training

Lay Leadership Starts Revivals and Spreads Christianity!

The professional clergy are not the only ones who start revivals.  Many revivals began with lay leadership.  Lay leadership played a pivotal role in spiritual revivals in American history.  Christian Leaders Institute is developing a new…

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