Missionaries like Adoniram Judson laid the foundation for a new mobilization of missionaries.

This new mobilization will take place building on the fruit of those first missionaries’ efforts. Christian Leaders Institute offers free online ministry training so this new generation of missionaries will be trained.

Missionaries- JudsonMissionaries like Judson were part of the modern Christian missionary movement that spanned the last two hundred years and have created gospel capital in most places on earth

Missionaries were Courageous – Take Adoniram Judson

Two hundred years ago in 1813, Adoniram Judson was the first American missionary at age 25.  He was sent to spread Christianity in Burma. Judson had to learn the Burmese language. He  translated the Bible into Burmese. He translated his person into the customs of this new land. After 6 years, he welcomed his first convert to Christianity. It took 12 years for Judson to welcome 18 converts. He experienced war, imprisonment, and the deaths of his first wife, Ann, second wife, Sarah, and several children. Judson’s convictions, bravery and vision have inspired thousands of missionaries who have left the land of their birth and relocated to proclaim the gospel in a new land.  Read more about Adoniram Judson, Click here.

Thousands of missionaries and their families have been sent. Many died en route. Many died on the field proclaiming the gospel.  Missionaries have been sent to large cities and remote local villages. In every populated center on earth, converts to Christianity are found and churches have been formed. Yet in every place on the earth, there are billions to be reached for Christ.

There is so much to do and opportunities to open new doors are at hand. The faithfulness of these missionaries has planted seeds for the next wave of leaders, who are being raised up. They will be sent to do a mission work that will change the globe.

Christian Leaders institute will partner with the indigenous Christian leaders  who are the result of the missionaries efforts. The Christian capital of leaders is ready to be identified, trained and mobilized to reach their communities, their nations, unreached related people groups.

Christian Leaders Institute offers advanced ministry training with tuition free of charge. The technology of the Internet allows advanced ministry training to be brought into the field in most places on earth.   Join the Christian Leaders Institute goal of bringing advanced ministry training globally.

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