Free Ministry Training

Christian Leaders Institute began offering advanced ministry training in 2006. Since that time thousands of Christians have been signing up for free ministry training. I am amazed at how many new students sign up every hour for ministry training. Hundreds of new applications for free ministry training are coming every day.  I love to see the names of the new applicants. When an application comes in from a student, I get that application emailed to me. I want to see the names of the new students to remind me of what God is doing in using CLI to bring free ministry training everywhere.

free ministry trainingToday in a twenty minute period of time six new students signed up for free ministry training.  They included two students from the United States, two from Ghana, one from Nigeria and one from Colombia.

These students immediately start their ministry training in a getting started class.

The Getting Started Class functions to give anyone the opportunity to explore whether they are candidates for ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute.  This class replaces the overhead of an admissions department and eliminates those who are not serious or able to study at Christian Leaders Institute.

Christian Leaders Institute offers free ministry training. Why? Many have asked this. Some have wondered whether it will be valued if it is free. Some have said that we have so many students, let them pay for it themselves. Others have said that you will never be a sustainable ministry unless the students pay and outside funding is not needed.

I have reflected on this a long time. I have prayed about this much. I have researched business models and consulted with traditional institutions.

I read the Bible and do not see a charge for training people to be leaders. I just can’t see that Peter and John gave tuition to Jesus in the form of currency. The only currency that was given was the currency of calling. “Come follow me.” That was it!  When they followed Jesus, He trained them to be the first leaders in the new church.

Free Ministry Training Students Meet in Michigan USA

Free Ministry TrainingFree Bible School

Last night I met with Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates from Michigan in Zeeland, Michigan at North Street Church These students shared one very clear message with me. We are here because CLI offered us free ministry training.

One man named John was 70 years old. He is preaching every week at churches, prisons, and nursing homes. Several students serve in local churches. Some are preparing to be commissioned pastors. Some of the students have graduated with various levels of ministry training certificates and diplomas. Some students were new.

All students were bi-vocational. I felt a great amount of joy last night as I saw students talk about what God was doing in their lives.

1 Timothy 1:12 And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.