Veteran Ministry Training

Veteran Ministry Training

My name is Bob Pilkington. I reside in the State of Nevada, USA. I currently speak with the elderly, usually in hospice care, and veteran’s who need assistance in coming to terms with their mortality or their accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. It can be difficult because most of the people I talk to are at the end of their lives and realize that they need to get right with God before they die. It is hard sometimes to convince them that they are getting right with God, when they are not getting any physically better.

I started going to church on a regular basis when in my teens and continued through my 20’s. I got very sick with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 29, and instead of asking the Lord for guidance and help, I tried to take on the sickness by myself. Life expectancy for someone with Crohn’s Disease is at 15 years. A little more than 21 years later, I got sick again asked the Lord to help me, and within weeks, I felt healthy. That was 8 years ago and according to my physician from the results of a recent physical examination, I have no symptoms of Crohn’s Disease and my health is A++.

About a year ago, I had this overwhelming feeling that I should get training and become a Pastor. It took several months and me to lose my best friend in the world (who happened to be my blind dog) – but here I am – at Christian Leaders Institute, getting some of the best spiritual education I could find – and it is all on me to get it done and become a pastor.

My ministry dream is to continue to help those at the end of their walk through this world find the Lord before they pass away.

Pastor: Because I have a certain demeanor about me that I did not know I had, in comforting those at the end of their lives. It is not something I ever studied – or really ever wanted to do – but I am good at it and I enjoy seeing people get their spiritual house in order before they pass away.

I don’t know what actually prompted me to become a pastor: I just woke up one day and had the feeling that I wanted to help people who were elderly and sick get right spiritually.

Living in a rural county, ministering to the outlying parts can be challenging regarding time. Usually, people want to talk to me just before they pass away – which time and distance have created problems. Living in a small town; EVERYBODY knows your business. Until August, 2015, I wasn’t always the “ministering” type. I was a drinker and someone not to be trifled with and had a very low tolerance level for nonsense. Since my calling to the Lord, I no longer drink and I have become a very patient, caring, loving and understanding man. I don’t get angry, and those who used to be afraid of me, now enjoy my company.

My local churches support my efforts. They want to see me succeed in my education because of me, my life and how they have all seen me change from what I was to who I am.

My wife supports my wanting to become a Pastor. She is probably to most happy to see my life what it is now.

Without Christian Leaders Institute, I simply could not afford to go to Seminary school. This Veteran Ministry Training is a big help. It is that simple. I have the time, desire and wherewithal to go through a program, but I am retired, on a fixed income and do not have the ability to take that much money from our retirement to pay for school – for someone that will probably never pay it back.

Pray that I can help EVERYONE get right with God before they pass away. It is my goal to see every senior citizen in hospice care and every disabled veteran and veteran who needs help.

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