Free Ministry Degree

Free Ministry Degree

My name is Anthony Dempsey I am from Michigan u.s.a, am 30 years old a husband and father of 3. My country is very involved with the worldly way of life and is sucked into the growing paganism views taking over, there is a great need to minister, and many are becoming more open as they see how much pain and suffering follows living an ungodly life.

I was raised in a Christian home and was taught the word of God from a young age; I faced many tragedies throughout the rest of my childhood and early adult hood which ultimately built a strong foundation and a trust and faith in Christ Jesus that now leads my life and my leading of my family.

I would love to be apart of a world wide effort to spread God’s kingdom to all nations so each and every person can have a chance to turn to God and know of his love, his kingdom and his teachings as well as bringing my family to experience and be involved.
As an evangelist, I would like to take all the tools I have gained through my life and God’s word to try and convert as many as possible and being able to relate to younger people on the way to talk with them about Christ where they wouldn’t feel comfortable otherwise.

Having children and amazing God fearing wife has been the key experience and driving force In wanting me to take the lead and to teach my family and to take my experience and put it to work in God’s ministry.

There are unique challenges in my area as there is many different ethnicities and many Christians or religious people who are lost in their faith or have been taught what is not aligned with the Bible, so there is a lot if work to be done.

My local church has supported by always having resources available when needing extra insight or knowledge or prayer and encouragement

I look forward to being able to serve God while having my family beside me all of the way learning and growing as well.

A free ministry degree through CLI is something I am looking forward to having as a door opener, knowledge grower and faith builder.

I ask that you may pray for my family and me to be protected and guided by God’s holy spirit and to have his blessings over all of our work.

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