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Youth Pastor School

My name is Jessica Brown and I am an Ambassador of Christ, a wife, a mother and a Youth Pastor. I was born prematurely with a hole in my heart and doctor’s believed I would have a severe mental disability. With a blood transfusion and too many stitches to count, I made it through and defied the odds. Beginning in middle school, I started suffering from seizures, shaking then blacking out. After years of tests, I was diagnosed Benign Peripheral Vertigo and Hypoglycemic. During that time, I discovered a lot of things were different than they seemed. I was told if my mother had the option, she would have terminated me, my father was not dead, but in prison with a life sentence and the family I knew my mother was adopted into. My mother let me know how much she didn’t like children and shared with me how unattractive she believed my features were. I felt alone and ugly. Rejected by my mother’s adopted family after being beaten up by her boyfriend and sexually assaulted by my uncle, I became homeless just out of high school. I didn’t feel valued. I didn’t understand love. I didn’t have self-worth and I didn’t feel beautiful. Afraid of men, unable to trust and with a scarred heart, I was broken.

BUT GOD! I found Him under a bridge. I found Him bartering for food. I found Him when I had lost everything else. While homeless, I found a home in Him. Made whole in God, He was my Mother and Father and He taught me love and removed the fear. He gave me dance to talk to Him and He healed me from Vertigo and Hypoglycemia, after 14 years, through food. He showed me my beauty and value. He has allowed for me to be resilient.

I learned to love me and met my husband through ministry, became a mother of two beautiful boys, a co-founder of a nonprofit (5A Elite Youth Empowerment) and a Youth Pastor for Central Baptist. Our church has trusted what God has said about us and has allowed us to pastor their young people. We are able to come along side seasoned leaders in the ministry to glean from and we are covered with wise counsel. Our church is a blessing because they believe in family and welcomed both my husband and I as pastors. God provided us the word of Priscilla and Aquila and God confirmed for us where to be through our head pastor’s decision for us to co-pastor the youth.

Praising God and giving Him all the Glory. preaching the Kingdom and teaching the things of Jesus Christ. God showed me the importance of empowering the youth. I help them address their trauma and encourage them so they can see who they are in Christ. What God brought me out of is to be used to help others. They aren’t too young to be used and Jesus’ ministry was entrusted to people so young they didn’t have to pay the temple tax, how much should we be removing the young people from the “kiddy table” and providing them meat. Christian Leaders Institute is a youth pastor school that is an answer to prayer. Unable to go to a brick and mortar with my young children and unable to afford the costs associated with Christian education, CLI is wonderful. Outside of the convenience, CLI provides quality curriculum and allows me to be further equipped for my service for God! It is wonderful to study and learn with so many believers with different backgrounds and experiences. I would request prayer for the youth in the Pennsylvania area to be drawn to the Lord and to be active for His Kingdom.