Church Media Ministry Training

Church Media Ministry Training

Gary McAdams – I was born in Houston in 1972, and have lived the majority of my life in Texas. I was born to a Christian mother and a father who, to my knowledge, never came to a faith in Christ before his death in 1989. The experience of losing a parent and not knowing their eternal fate, gave me a burden to insure that my children never had to ask those questions.

In February of 1996 I met Caroline, the love of my life at an MLM business development event and we were married four months later. While attending a small church in San Antonio, TX, my wife volunteered her “techie” husband who enjoyed messing around with computers to help run PowerPoint for song lyrics. While I grumbled at the time, this experience led me on a path to discover a true passion for church media. I have spent the past fifteen years in both volunteer and paid roles in multiple churches helping create environments for people to have an encounter with the living God.

I am still seeking the Father’s direction as to what His dream is for my future in ministry, but I feel strongly that He is calling me to a ministry leadership role. I believe that my love of technology and media, along with a desire to build up volunteer teams for service, will be used for the Kingdom. I am currently serving on a team at a small church plant that sets up and tears down the meeting room every week. I also have been working with the tech team, working towards creating a live web stream of our service, for those who are unable to attend.

While America is the most blessed nation on Earth, our successes have lead to a self-reliant attitude amongst a large majority of the population. It is a very common belief in the US that since we have so many opportunities to provide for ourselves, there is little need to seek God for the desires of our hearts. It can be challenging in a country with so much abundance, to help people see their need for God in their lives.

CLI offers me Church Media Ministry Training – Not so much the media techniques but the content the help me serve my church better.

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