From Healing to Ministry

My name is Tracey Mixon and I’ve recently moved to a small town south of Houston, TX named Webster. I am married with 3 children, 2 step-children, 2 grandchildren and a dog. I am currently a registered nurse and I am in graduate school studying to be a nurse practitioner. I also have a calling for art. I’ve been a portrait artist for 16 years. I originally grew up in Georgetown, TX.

I had been married 18 years to someone who didn’t have an interest in the Lord. We experienced an extremely messy divorce that caused me to lose everything but my faith. A year later, I met a man who was the youth minister at our sister church. He helped me through his prayer and counsel to put my life back on track. We were recently married and he continues to support me in my calling to ministry. In 2014, I discovered an opportunity to be an ordained minister through Universal Life Church and ministry training through Christian Leaders Institute.

Having been in the medical field for 25 years, I am very drawn to the aspect of healing. Reading about how Jesus and his disciples went through the land healing with faith amazes me. In 2010, I was miraculously healed from chronic lung disease after dedicating my life to Jesus at an alter call. My dream ministry would be to be able to make people whole again by healing them in mind, body and spirit just as I was. I would love to glorify the Lord and be able to heal those who were told that there is no cure for them. The desire to heal had prompted me to pursue a medical career and being healed had prompted me to pursue ministry.

I am a member of a local non-denominational church by the name of Restoring Hope International Fellowship Church. The pastors of this church are highly motivated to mentor me. I have begun leadership orientation; I serve on the intercessory prayer team and the art ministry team. I can see myself as a small group leader because of my calling to heal. I believe transformation occurs best in small groups where you can focus on specific topics and be more personable with the members. I have no desire at this moment to run the business of an entire church. In the area, I live in there are so many churches to choose from of all different denominations including non-denominational. Growth is a huge challenge in this environment.

I pray that a scholarship with the Christian Leaders Institute could teach me how to deepen my relationship with God so that I could help others do the same. I hope to learn the Word and be effective in teaching. I pray to learn what it means to be a minister and how to conduct myself appropriately. I pray that this course will guide me to the necessary spiritual maturity needed to glorify God. Please pray for my success in ministry training and the healing ministry I plan to pursue.

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