Online Bible Courses Offer Free Certificates

Many schools offer online Bible courses with free certificates but charge you money when you want your transcript. Christian Leaders Institute offers credits, transcripts and certificates free of charge if you pass the no-cost starter class Christian Leaders Basics. Our advanced tracking technology allows you to print each certificate from your own computer. Christian Leaders Institute offers a Ministry Certificate and others which are not one size fits all but tailored to specific required classes. You will be amazed at the professional level of the courses at Christian Leaders Institute!

Christian Leaders Institute is committed to provide the highest quality ministry training you can get on the internet; free or paid. Just take the time to give it a try. It’s amazing! Thousands of students are getting certificates and diplomas that otherwise would have never had the opportunity. Most importantly they are getting trained for ministry. Christian Leaders Institute not only offers online Bible courses with free certificates and  diplomas; CLI offers an Ordination Certificate. These are registered on the Christian Leaders Directory.

Let’s meet one of the students who is attending online Bible courses with free certificates and diplomas here at Christian Leaders Institute. John Palek just completed the Christian Leaders: Christian Basics Certificate and here is his story.

My name is John Palek and I was born and raised in a small mining town in a rural area of Pennsylvania, United States. I’m married to a wonderful woman who has some disabilities due to a stroke. This is one reason why taking CLI classes from home is a blessing for us. I would not be able to leave my wife to attend regular brick and mortar institutions. My wife and our two cats have been very supportive in my goals.

As I grew up, I witnessed our town going through many transformations. The mines closing, slowly the few small stores were closing. Our town has been an agricultural/residential community for many years. We had only two churches, one a Roman Catholic Church and the other an Orthodox Greek Catholic Church. It was a tremendous shock to the community when the Roman Catholic Church was closed.

I was raised in a semi-religious family; meaning that my mother was religious and my father was not so. This was a confusing situation for a young child. “Why do I have to go to church when Dad doesn’t have to go?” was often repeated by my brother and I. Eventually my father was converted and joined the church. It was my belief that he only joined for us (the kids) but became a righteous man for the rest of his life. I was baptized early in the Orthodox Church and during my life I strayed often. God probably thought I was a yo-yo.

I can witness that God has never left my side. When I was very young I had several severe infections, so severe doctors told my parents I was going to die; I lived. When I was 5 years old I was run over by a car; I lived. As a boy I raced down a hill on a bicycle and wrecked in to several outbuildings so hard that I knocked the doors off of two of the sheds. When I woke in the hospital, the doctor just walked away muttering that he had to go back to church. My eyes were bloodshot for a year. I rolled a car over in front of a tractor-trailer and walked away without even a scratch. My passengers and I remember being in the car thinking that we’re dead, suddenly we were standing on a high bank over the road watching the truck hit my car. For a while, I actually felt guilty about monopolizing so much of God’s time. I know better now. Praise God!

I was in the U. S. Air Force active during the end of the Viet Nam war. My father was a WWII Army veteran. He worried for me and prayed for me, a lot. My parents never knew what I did in the service, some things you just don’t share with your parents…

My father went home to the Lord after a lengthy battle with cancer. Later my mother was called to heaven, peacefully in her sleep.

After military service, I became a volunteer firefighter and by God’s will ended up being a paramedic with a local emergency medical service. I never intended to be a paramedic. I was helping the ambulance crew on a call (which we did a lot for the ambulance service) and their boss asked me to go with them to the hospital. On the way back from the hospital their boss asked me if I wanted a job. She was losing one of her people and needed a temporary replacement. I thought, ‘it’s just for a while until I could find a better paying job.’ In those days ambulances were mostly volunteers. The one’s that paid did not pay well. Over thirty years later I retired as a full-time professional paramedic. God certainly wanted me there and I certainly did not see it coming. It was the most enjoyable time of my life and I met my wife during that time.

God has done too many things for me to list. By leading me to CLI God has shown me He has more plans for me. I feel that God is directing me to ministry. God showed me that there is a need for God centered Churches and teachers. God commands us to be humble servants. I have been asked where I want to go with ministry. The short answer is; wherever God needs me. I have no clear answer to that except that I have seen so many areas where God is needed. I see a need for smaller local Churches to become more appealing and personal to draw in everyone including the young and elderly.  I feel the need for trained trustworthy church leaders, ministry leaders and others in areas lacking in affordable brick-and-mortar Christ centered training centers demonstrates a need for institutions like Christian Leaders Institute. CLI has certainly proven itself to be one of the leaders in Christian leadership training. Whether you are ordained or not the world is in great need of trained leaders of all kinds.

After finishing the Christian Leaders Institute: Christian Leaders Basics Certificate class, I have learned things that I did not know. Imagine how much more empowered will I be after completing the CLI scholarship and study more. At the writing of this letter, I do not know where my training from CLI will take me. I’m sure that God will guide me. A scholarship from CLI is so important for people like me. (1 Peter 4:10 – God has shown you his grace in many different ways. So be good servants and use whatever gift he has given you in a way that will best serve each other.)

When I sat down to write this letter I was very apprehensive and thought that I would not have a story to tell. I let the Holy Spirit guide me and after I finished, I realized that I did have a testimony.