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After someone is incarcerated, they lose many things. They lose the ability to gain the high paying jobs. They lose relationships. They lose their reputation and opportunities.

But though they may lose much, it is possible through God to actually gain more.  Being in prison forces people to face the truth about themselves and their relationship with God. This happened to Erinn.  While in prison, she lost the world but gained her soul. She came to know the Lord who loved her and in the process she gained an eternal destiny.  Now she is seeking online prison ministry training through Christian Leaders Institute so that she can minister to others.

Here is Erinn’s story. This is a story of inspiration and hope for those seeking to reach the lost.

Hello, my name is Erinn, I live in the United States.  I know that I am called to be a witness to others and consider it a blessing to minister to the people the Lord sends my way.  I love to share my testimony. I came to know the Lord ten years ago while I was in jail. As a result of  reading the Bible I came to have a personal relationship with Him.  Everyday I am amazed at how truly blessed I am. Glory be to God! The Holy Spirit has gifted me in many ways. I know in my heart and soul that my calling is in Deliverance, Intercessory Prayer, Casting out Spirits, and Sharing the TRUTH. My dream is to become a chaplain/ordained minister. I want to visit jails, hospitals, prisons, and anywhere where there are people who need prayer.

It would be an honor to become a Youth Leader because I can relate to everything they are going through. I also have a charismatic personality which draws people to me. I have a heart for serving and love Jesus. And I can draw from my own life experiences. For starters I overcame a life of crime, depression, drug addiction, insecurity, and even attempted suicide. My testimony is this, God has delivered me from it all! What the enemy meant for evil God has turned around for good! He has also told me many times in prayer that…“Through you many will be saved.” How amazing!!

He works through me to save souls. Some unique challenges in my area are addiction, homelessness, and hopeless souls. My local church Free Chapel has supported me in my calling by sponsoring me through a one year discipleship program. Training at CLI is imperative for my growth. I trust that they have my and God’s best interest at heart (Psalm 139).

God Bless You!


Online prison ministry training for ex-convicts who are called to minister to those in prison like Erinn is called to do is available to you for free.  Maybe you have not been in prison but you are called to minister, sign up for online prison ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute.  This is the ministry training you need in the basic ministry courses that will prepare you as you share the gospel. There are many examples of how God is using those who were once lost, but now are mobilized to be in his army of healing. Christian Leaders Institute is ready to train former prisoners who are now alive in Christ.

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