Praise and glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

It is my pleasure to share my testimony with CLI to glorify HIS name. I am Luke D. Ragu, simply calling as Ragu an Indian national residing in Saudi Arabia since December 1994. In the year 1996, I have been a prisoner for two months in Saudi Arabia due to an accident with a car while operating Forklift. And heard the Gospel through brethren were running underground church at this place. I believed Jesus Christ is the only answer, and He is the Redeemer and Savior.

I encountered Jesus Christ in Saudi prison and started to speak with Him through prayer even though I don’t know how to pray. But, He is so loved, heard my prayers and miraculously released me from he prison. After the released from the prison straight away went to the known fellowship and requested a Bible and started to read word by word. As I born and brought up from traditional Hindu family, amazed about the scripture revealed the true God. I surrendered myself to the word of God and accepted Lord Jesus is my personal Savior and baptized in the month of October 1998.

Since that day I am delcaring everywhere I go that JESUS IS LORD. Joined with underground fellowship and started to work for the Lord to spread the Gospel among our own people. Later in 2001 the churches were scattered due to the christian leaders were arrested and persecuted. After a gap of 18 months joined another fellowship Bethel Church of Christ in the beginning of 2003. Grown strong in the truth of the God and ordained as pastor of the Church in 2012. I thank our Lord Jesus who blessed me to do His powerful ministry. We are gathering every Friday for the Sabbath service and enjoying the presence of God Almighty. New brothers and sisters are joing the prayer and accepting Jesus Christ is God and Savior and baptizing according to Mathew 28:19-20. I have attend Haggai Institute’s Advance Leadership International Training program in Hawaii in the year 2011. Under the guidance of it’s Vice President I joined CLI and realy it help me to develop more in the word of God. The basic itself cleared many doubts in the scripture and lead me in way the Lord wants. All praise, glory and honor to Lord Jesu Christ. Amen

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