At the age of 8, I was walking my dog in the field and I heard a voice say to me “I’m going to use you in a mighty and powerful way”. When I moved to Missouri as an adult, the Pastor at that time confirmed what I had heard as an 8 year old child and that it was God. I accepted my call as a Prophetess and the process has continued. I became a licensed minister and later ordained as an Elder. I have a total of 17 years in ministry. Recently, I have accepted the call as a Pastor and I did not do it graciously. I denied the call for years because I didn’t see myself as fit or knowledgeable for such a call.

I have a strong desire to see God’s people free from bondage, healed delivered and in walking in their purpose. I’ve started bible studies and soon to start a women’s fellowship in my home. I am not at any local church . However, I have visited several and have not been released to join any. As a Pastor myself I know the importance of a good support system and that I do have. My support system consists of Bishops, Pastors, Elders and ministers. I believe the scriptures: In the multitude of counsel there is safety.

I’ve lived in 5 states, and every placed my family and I relocated to God sent us. Currently, we live in Las Vegas, Nevada is known to many as sin city. A lot of people I thought had my best interest, I soon realized they didn’t. When God calls you to do a particular thing I’ve learned you will lose some friends, gain some new ones. You will be called crazy, and others will believe you to be totally sane. Being in a place where prostitution is legal, gambling and many on drugs I can see why God would call me to such a place. I can use prayer in starting the ministry God has placed upon my heart as a new Pastor. I hope God sends people to assist in the vision of this ministry. I also desire a spiritual mother I can share with.

As the ministry grows, I would love to utilize Christian Leaders Institute for training resources for future leaders in the ministry. I believe a scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute will help me to achieve my goals because I have never had formal training in seminary and because I desire and have prayed that God will send me resources to help me be the Pastor He has called me to be, and I found this ministry on-line. I’m graciously Thankful!

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