My name is Jeremy Pagan and I am from the United States of America, Specifically Brooklyn, New York. Ministry in this part of the world is interesting. We have so many cultures and different kinds of people and languages. So we have to be creative in our ways of evangelizing.I was introduced to the Lord as a young child, but in my teen years I strayed away into my thoughts and ways. At the age of nineteen in the year 2009 I had an encounter with the Lord. It was around 1 a.m, and I began to hear trumpets. I looked around my house, and everyone was sound asleep.

Suddenly a presence so Powerful entered my room, and I fell and trembled. The Lord called me by name and began to tell me how much He loved me and how He knew everything about me. The Lord told me to get up and proclaim His Word that He is coming soon. Since that encounter; I have been serving along side our local church youth pastor for about five years now. I am doing ministry with the youth and young adults because not only can I relate to them on so many levels, but also the Lord has given me a broken heart for them. Witnessing all that they go through in the stages of life that they are in. Some challenges that we have in this area is so many teens, and young adults are being raised by pop culture, school, friends, and the different trends the world is putting out there. Most kids are growing up in single house holds, and parenting is rare to them. The local church has been very supportive to me and has helped me grow as a man and leader in the Lord. This scholarship is so important because its very helpful and effective to go into a deeper understanding of God and spreading the good news through ministry.

Many people enter ministry only to get burned out and give up however far along they get. I want to be as sharp as the Lord will allow and be able to not just do the work of God for a sprint but for a marathon. All the days be able to give of me to God and His purpose and will for my life. To be trained that I may in turn train others in the coming generations and in my own generation. You guys can help pray for me by coming into agreement that the Lords will be done. That the Lord will grant me the strength to do all that He has called me to do; that a new path will be opened up, with new relationships in the faith, mentors that are built up and willing to teach, to heal in areas of the past that try to hinder our potential in the Lord. Most importantly that I will be used merely as an instrument; a broken vessel as HE gets all the Glory, Honor and Praise. Amen.

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